Many people who own homes in Dallas often find themselves needing to purchase another one of the homes in Dallas for many different reasons.  However, there can be problems buying another one of homes in Dallas, if you already own a home. But, if you work things just right, you can sell your current home, purchase of the other homes in Dallas and make the transition between the two very smoothly. (more…)
When you decide to invest in property, it often involves a sizable amount of money. Sometimes, especially when other options are not available, you may think of borrowing from friends or family. Financial dealings with the likes of Cousin Bob may sound tricky but, if handled properly, could end up being a winner for both you and Cousin Bob. (more…)
In this hard up economy, it can be very difficult to purchase your own house. Even if you’re not required to pay the full price, large down payments can still be a big issue for many ordinary and employed individuals. It’s a good thing, though, that there are sellers who are willing to rent out their properties and give their tenants the option to own the same at more convenient terms. This makes investing in rental property more possible for common individuals. (more…)