When it comes to finding and taking advantage of investment opportunities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, there are a few things that every investor should know. You probably already know that the housing market in north Texas is growing at roughly double the rate of markets throughout the rest of the country. With market prices on the rise and rental demand continuing to outstrip supply, this is a great time to get into real estate investing in this area. Of course, if it were as simple as that, everyone would do it. Here are a few tips for investors in...Read More
Purchasing your first investment property is a big step, and it can teach you a lot. You don’t have to learn everything as you go, though. In fact, you can avoid many expensive mistakes if you follow a little bit of good real estate advice before you begin. Plan the Type of Investment That’s Right for You First, you absolutely must know what kind of investment you’re going to make before you start looking. New investors can benefit a great deal from help through real estate investment groups, which provide consulting services and may even be able to help match...Read More