You already know that real estate is a great investment, and you know that you want to add this tangible asset to your portfolio. If you’re like a lot of newer investors, though, you’re probably wondering how to start investing in real estate to diversify your portfolio and bring in more passive income for both the short and long term. A lot of real estate professionals will tell you that you absolutely must have a full education in the real estate industry before you start investing. If that were the case, you would only see real estate professionals investing in...Read More
Investing in real estate does not necessarily require you to be a real estate expert. However, if you’re going to be involved in realty investment in Dallas for the long term – and you should – it pays to have some expert advice and sound recommendations. Even if you are only interested in investing in REITs or real estate investment club offerings, you should know about the markets you’re investing in, or you should have someone on your team who does. As an investor, you’ve no doubt enlisted the aid of savvy advisors, accountants, and other experts to help you...Read More