Real estate is one of the fastest growing investment sectors in Dallas today. With booming industry in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, the rental market is in high demand, and there are numerous investment opportunities for individuals and investment groups to see great returns on income properties. However, before you dive in, read these six factors to keep in mind before investing in an income property in Dallas. 1. Know Your Budget First and foremost, the key to operating at an acceptable risk level is to only invest money that you are willing to lose. With the incredible growth rate in...Read More
Everyone makes mistakes. Whether you are just beginning to build your real estate investment portfolio or you’re diversifying with more commercial properties to grow your wealth, you are not immune to the top five mistakes that everyone makes while investing in a property. If you can avoid these mistakes, you will significantly reduce your risk level on any investment, and you will greatly increase your chances of seeing profitable and fast ROIs. 1. Failure to Research the Market First of all, whether you are investing in an REIT (real estate investment trust), using a real estate crowdfunding site, or joining...Read More