If you’ve been researching different types of real estate investments, you likely already know that commercial real estate tends to yield larger returns in less time than single-family residential real estate. Whether you’re interested in investing in multi-unit residences, medical real estate, or retail real estate, you should know a few things before you commit. Today’s Hottest Location Could Be Tomorrow’s Dud We’ve all seen it happen. A new development goes in, and suddenly all of the most popular retailers and other businesses flock to open locations in it or near it. That’s great for a year or two, but...Read More
Have you recently retired or are you planning to retire soon? Everyone wants to live a comfortable lifestyle after they quit working, but all too often people make a few simple mistakes that can create huge headaches and financial struggles for their retirement years. If you can avoid these real estate mistakes, you’ll have a much better chance of enjoying the kind of retirement you’ve always dreamed of. Neglecting to Downsize When your kids were young and lived with you, you needed a lot more space. Now they’ve all grown up and moved out, and you’re still living in that...Read More
Investing in real estate online may seem like a very simple venture at first, and it’s certainly a better means of increasing your passive income and diversifying your portfolio than other investment options. However, if you want to make successful investments and ensure that your investment capital is working for you, you should keep these four principles in mind. Work With People Who Have an Intimate Understanding of the Market Whether you’re investing through an REIT (real estate investment trust), a real estate crowdfunding platform, or any other online investment service, you need to know that you’re investing with a...Read More
Whether you’re planning on retiring in a year, five years, or twenty years, you’re probably not looking forward to living on meager checks from the Social Security administration. Your job’s retirement plan may be good, but it’s likely not going to leave you living in the lap of luxury, either. That’s why it’s important to make the right investments now so that you can gain passive income and continue making money well after you’ve retired. Real estate investments make sense for this because real estate is a brilliant hedge against inflation, and it’s a great source of passive income, as...Read More