Real estate has always been a recommended choice when investors look for assets to diversify and stabilize their portfolios. Over the past eight years, however, we’ve seen a lot of upheaval in the real estate sector that has left investors baffled and uncertain. Fortunately, with the US economy on the mend and housing markets around the country recovering, that instability seems to be waning significantly. However, some markets are still more lucrative than others, and investors are still wary of making the wrong choice. So what can you do? And where should you invest your capital? Healthcare real estate in...Read More
You no doubt already know that there are numerous ways to invest in real estate, but have you chosen the strategy that will work best for you, your portfolio, and your investing style? Different strategies have different levels of involvement, with some being more active and others being almost entirely passive. You should consider this when you decide which type(s) of properties to invest in, and you should consider which strategies are best suited for your budget now and in the future. Cash Flow Rental Properties The first type of real estate investment that most people consider is a single-family...Read More