In the last few decades, real estate has become one of the most common investment methods for any age group. Even throughout the recession and downfall of the housing market in the 2000s, real estate investment has remained a popular means of preparing for a comfortable future. But if you’ve never invested in anything before, you may be intimidated by the idea of buying and selling properties. Buying a house is frequently seen as a major life milestone in our culture, so it’s easy to understand how it could be daunting. But you don’t necessarily have to jump right in...Read More
Real estate investing is much easier to get started in than most people are led to believe. With the rise of crowdfunding real estate opportunities, and the popularity of real estate groups and REITs, new investors don’t have to have as much capital as they may have thought, and they don’t have to know it all to get started. But just because it can be simple doesn’t mean that there aren’t some serious mistakes that can cause a new real estate investor to totally fail. If you don’t want to risk your first major investment, and lose the capital you...Read More
There are many experts out there telling us that right now is the best time to buy real estate. Interest rates are down, real estate development is up in many areas, and banks are lending again after the economy has started to bounce back. But just because this is a good time for investing doesn’t mean it’s the right time for you specifically. When choosing the best time to invest in real estate, you should always consider a few key factors first to be sure that your ability to invest lines up with the market’s health for the best possible...Read More