The holiday season arrives in what seems like a long and slow build-up to just a few days of furious celebrating. It is, however, a period of time that lasts longer and has much more to it than real estate investors realize. Beginning almost immediately after Halloween, those holiday decorations, sales, advertisements and products begin to appear. This can often send most people into a slow-down mode or a distracted phase as they begin to focus more on the upcoming season. After all, why not? There is Thanksgiving to plan for as well as the weeks in which Christmas, Kwanzaa,...Read More
Are you someone who finds themselves always traveling during the holiday season? Whether that season means Christmas, Thanksgiving or any other time of year, you may be missing out on a major financial opportunity if you are not renting out your home while you are away. Before you hold up a hand and say, "no way" at the thought of vacating your home during an extended holiday visit elsewhere, think about what it might mean. There are, quite accurately, millions of people traveling, booking hotels and staying in somewhat unwelcoming settings during their holidays. The option for booking a private...Read More
As a real estate investor and landlord, you should know that your property will always need some maintenance, repairs, or upgrades whenever tenants move out. There’s a difference, however, between normal wear and tear that comes from everyday use and actual property damage, which tenants should pay for and which you want to avoid whenever possible. Before we get into the best ways to prevent tenants from damaging your rental property, it’s important to understand this difference. For example, when you enter a property for inspection when a tenant is moving out, you should expect to see worn carpet, scuffs...Read More
It’s no secret that Dallas has one of the very best investment rental markets in the US today. With so many people moving to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, rentals are in high demand, and investors are enjoying great ROIs with their investment property purchases. But which areas are the best places to look for those properties? While downtown Dallas has a lucrative market, it is not the only rental market around, and some Dallas suburbs are showing major growth and opportunities for real estate investors. Grapevine Grapevine is an excellent location for investors looking to purchase mid- to high-end rental...Read More
If you’ve recently purchased an investment rental property – or if you’re just starting to think about becoming a landlord – you’re probably thinking about your bottom line. You’re looking at how much you can charge in rent, how much you’ll have to pay on your mortgage and property taxes, and how much you’ll need to set aside for repairs and maintenance. When you look at all that, it’s easy to think, “Well, maybe I should be my own property manager to save some cash…” Before you commit to managing your own property, though, there are a few factors you...Read More