As a real estate investor in the North Dallas, Plano, Southlake or Keller areas, you may already be satisfied with the consistent growth in the value of your properties. However, there is always room for growth. Additionally, with this region being identified as one of the hottest in the real estate investment market for 2017, chances are there will be additional properties to come into your portfolio in the coming year. Naturally, you want all of them to have the greatest value possible. In order to accomplish that goal, we give you three key ways of adding value to a...Read More
Watch five minutes of any reality show focused on house flipping and you would think that it is as easy as pie to pick up a house at a low price, do a few weeks of improvements and then flip it for enormous sums. That, however, has never been at all realistic. Sure, it has happened, but no novices or part-time real estate investors can enjoy such opportunities. In fact, speak with active flippers in such lucrative places as North Dallas, Plano, and the Southlake areas and you would hear that even they might struggle taking profits on flipping activities....Read More
If you are considering the opportunities for investing in real estate in place like North Dallas or Plano, it is a great time to do so. Financial experts have identified these areas as the top and hottest spots for real estate investments in 2017. Of course, there are many types of real estate investments, and those in the Dallas and Plano areas are both rental and rehab and flip types. As a beginner or novice investor, it is helpful to understand the ways that investing in real estate can be done. Real Estate Investment 101 So, investing in real estate...Read More
Real estate investing is a strange business in many ways. While it’s incredibly popular and always growing, there exists a long list of myths and rumors about investing that make it hard for newcomers to get the courage to dive in. Instead of trying to clear up these misconceptions, many investors are content to allow these myths to continue to grow, and it’s easy to believe many of them because they often sound pretty reasonable at first glance. If you haven’t been having much success with real estate investing, chances are that you’ve been letting one of these four common...Read More