Are you a real estate investor looking for a way to amp up the sale price of a property you have rehabbed? Maybe you have even been living in a property but are now ready to sell and enjoy the profits? Whether it is in North Dallas, Plano, Southlake, Keller or anywhere else in the area, there are some "tried and true" methods for easily boosting the sale price of a property. Stage This is an obvious tip, but one that many sellers skip. Staging is not an expensive or difficult tactic, and it begins with removing the non-essentials and...Read More
There is savvy in diversity. This is true in almost any setting imaginable. Diversify in your crops and your yields are greater. Use diversity in your diet and enjoy greater health. Diversify in your investments and you have a more solid strategy. In fact, almost any investment portfolio is going to benefit from diversity, and this should include incorporating commercial real estate into the mix. While the typical strategy will find investments like bonds, stocks and savings among the most common blend of assets, many also now contain real estate of one kind or another. In fact, as savings rates...Read More
Investing is a good way to build wealth and create a more financially promising future. Naturally, not all forms of investing are alike. There are stocks, bonds, hard assets like gold or silver, trusts, and real estate, among others. In this article, we are going to look at real estate investing and eight good tips for successfully getting started in this lucrative area. Whether you have already spent a lot of time reading about and learning the key data, or you are just beginning to understand the many benefits of real estate investing, you need to start with one major...Read More
As a real estate investor, you will spend at least some of your time actually buying properties. The rest of the time, you might be rehabbing a property, or marketing a home, or inspecting potential purchases. However, there will be at least some buying involved. This means that you will be dealing with sellers (or their representatives, at least). The seller is going to try to get the best price possible for the property and it is your job to negotiate it to the lowest price agreeable to both parties. This is where many investors run into trouble. Chances are...Read More