Real Estate Investment

5 Crucial Questions that Ensure Real Estate Marketing Success

Real estate investing is one of the most popular ways for modern investors to grow wealth and secure financially stable futures. Yet, not a lot of investors are quite sure where to turn when it is time for them to enter this lucrative market. There are floods of information available, and not much of it is very clear or even targeted. If you are a real estate investor eager to effectively market your real estate investing options to others, we have five questions you must pose to yourself in order to develop the kinds of messages and campaigns that lead to success.

Note the Niche

The first of the five questions has to relate to the niche. For instance, asking yourself something like, “what kinds of investments do I make available?” or “what real estate niche do I emphasize?” will let you begin to formulate the strongest message. After all, you cannot properly convey your plans, passions or emphasis if you cannot actually explain it.

Some examples of answers might be, “I’m into flippable properties” or “I am a passive investor). These are two very unique niches, and would clearly be marketed in different ways based on their audiences. Speaking of audiences…

Know the Market

The second question to pose to yourself relates to your actual audience. In other words, “Who do you market to?” Now, before you say something like “anyone who is interested”, think again. The business that sells to everyone is the business that usually ends up selling to no one. Instead, get as specific as you possibly can. For example, let’s say your real estate investing emphasizes commercial properties. What sort of commercial properties? What kinds of clients would be interested? The more detail you can flesh out here, the better your marketing because you can write language that really speaks to them directly, choose images that would appeal most and so on.

Know the Goals

The third question touches on the whole point of the marketing – it is not just to get clients, but much more. For instance, what sort of “problem” do you solve for your potential clients? What do you need from them? You may be creating marketing for a specific investment, if you are using general terms and not explaining what you need viewers to do (using a “call to action”), the message is lost.

Know Your Solutions

Above, we touched on one issue that many marketers overlook, and it is the issue of solving a problem. You have to look at your real estate investing options as solving that problem. For instance, do you provide turnkey only properties to investors who cannot handle property management on their own? Do you steer higher capitalized investors towards bigger opportunities? Essentially, with the fourth issue you are solving their question of “how do I secure a better financial future?” How do you answer that?

Know Networking

The fifth question is about connections and networking. Ask yourself “who are the most valuable recipients of my message?” If you know all of the factors above, you will know how to best network your marketing messages. As a simple illustration of that, let’s say that your marketing was simply to raise awareness of a new real estate investment option you are making available, but which is not ready for investors. You would know to network this exclusively to those who have expressed interest in such options or who have already invested in similar areas.

If you are a real estate investor struggling to spread the word about your investment options, there are alternatives. You may want to contact an investment club that exists to work with people like yourself. They can sit down with you and assess your properties, and then direct marketing messages to those already looking for your kinds of assets. If you find marketing too complex, don’t give up on investing, but instead turn to resources like real estate investing clubs.