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Generate Reliable Income by Becoming a Private Money Lender

With the major stock market indices in the all-time high ranges and increasing price volatility, as an investor, you’re probably finding it grueling to find a secure and steady return on your investment dollars. Becoming a Private Money Lender can generate reliable, stable income with minimal risks and without capital fluctuations.

Just like other lenders, as a Private Money Lender, you will agree to lend a certain amount of funds to a borrower. What makes private money lending so attractive for the investor is the quick return on investment. Private Money loans are typically short-term loans usually under nine to twelve months, and you have the luxury of choosing your deals.

Unlike traditional lenders where everything has to be reviewed by a committee, you will have control over your investment dollars and who acquires them. The typical private money real estate loan will have a loan-to-value ratio of not over 65%. That way your investment is covered even if the deal goes bad. Once you learn the ropes, you will be able to spot a good deal quickly and greatly minimize your risk.

Building Wealth as a Private Money Lender

If you are looking to build wealth through investing there are a couple of choices; you can stick your money in a low performing mutual fund and assume the associated risk which helps no one, or you can become a Private Money Lender and help other investors while earning a nice income for yourself.

A wise man said you can get everything you want if you will only help enough other people get what they want. That wise man is Zig Ziglar, and while his messages are typically directed toward salespeople, his wise advice applies to the investor looking for a decent return.

Private Money Lenders are in the position to help real estate investors close deals. In the current state of banking, “NO” has too often become the new buzzword for conventional lenders. It’s unfortunate because there’s just so much real estate available for pennies on the dollar while the banks are not lending any money to buy these properties. As a Private Money Lender, you will use your funds or access to funds to provide the necessary financing to purchase the properties.

The typical hard money loan has an interest rate greater than 12%, plus you can also charge points on the loan; typically giving you a return on investment of, up to, 18%. How many other investments can provide you that level of performance within such a short amount of time and with the added safety of being secured by real estate?
Of course, as with any investment, it is not without risk. However, the wise Private Money Lender will structure the deal to maximize yield and minimize risk. There are many courses available to help aspiring Private Money Lenders learn the ropes and take advantage the current of the lending environment. Private Money Lending is a great recession proof industry.

Plan on attending one our many meetings by dropping us a line at info@investmentclub360.com or call us at 214-810-4DFW (4339). We’ll show you every strategy and safeguard to make your money work harder.

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