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Residential and Commercial Real Estate Investment

We’re Living Longer: Building a Growth Portfolio for Retirement in North Texas

Longer lives mean our nest eggs will need to be large enough to span a retirement lasting 20 or even 30 years, or more. We’ll need sound investing strategies targeting long-term growth with higher levels of protection against market volatilities and loss of capital.

Now that we started 2016 with a rather severe correction, it may be valuable to take a look back at 2015 and see how we survived the volatility last year. After lots of ups and downs, we ended up about where we started: the S&P 500 Index closed at 2044 on Dec. 31, 2015, after closing out the previous year at 2059, a 12-month drop of -0.7%.

Adding back the S&P dividend yield of 2.1% produced a total return for the year of 1.4% — not a good year by any stretch of the imagination, but not a loss year either. The broader based Russell 3000, which by design includes 2,500 stocks with smaller market capitalizations than the S&P 500, closed out the year with a total return of only 0.5%. Within this, apparently calm and gentle ride lurked a worrying third and fourth quarters, when the Russell 3000 returns were -7.3% the third quarter and +6.3% in the fourth.

With this rough start to 2016 for the world stock markets, alternative asset investments, such as real estate, have become more attractive to many retirement account holders. However, what many retirement account investors are not aware of is that hidden in the tax code is a unique provision that allows a 401(k) plan to purchase real estate with leverage without triggering a tax. Let me explain further. In general, when it comes to using a retirement account to make investments, most are exempt from federal income tax. That’s because a retirement account is exempt from tax under IRC Sections 401 and 408. IRC Section 512 of the Internal Revenue Codes exempts most forms of investment income generated by an IRA from taxation.

Buying the appropriate properties is an excellent way to invest low risk with profits now and returns in the future. Before investing any significant money, you should learn as much as possible about the area of any proposed commercial property. Understand the several significant differences between residential and commercial real estate investment strategies and the different considerations when addressing the location, location, location thing. We’re located here in North East Texas, where we’re profiting.

Some novice investors go to seminars on how to get rich quickly, buying and selling commercial real estate. The fact is, you ought to take some time ahead of diving into the real estate market. The vast majority of business ventures require a fair bit of work and investment before they start to pay off with steady revenue. Commercial property has more downside risk than residential and the people making money in these super deals are the seminar and book sale presenters. Here in Dallas/Fort Worth, InvestmentClub360 is known for it’s expert advice and stewardship with learning investors looking to diversify their downside risk with the collective knowledge of our investing group.

When looking at a “residential type” RECfund project, stay alert of the local risks. Residential projects have a habit of being subject to a lot of subjective factors the nationally based crowdfunding portals are not considering. These factors should be considered, and if you do not feel secure doing that on your own, talk with a financial adviser/local property broker/experienced friend or, at least, seek out a “local” focused portal. One with real knowledge and experience in the particular market you are interested.

The Advantages of a Self-Directed IRA LLC

With the Self-Directed IRA LLC, you have all the tax benefits of traditional IRAs, which includes tax deferral and tax-free gains. Income and gains generated by your IRA investment flow back to your IRA tax-free. By using a Self-Directed IRA to make investments, the IRA owner can defer taxes on any investment returns, allowing the IRA owner to have from tax-free growth. Instead of paying taxes on the Self-Directed IRA returns of an investment, the taxes are paid at a later date when a distribution is taken, leaving the investment to grow tax-free without interruption.

As manager of the Self-Directed IRA LLC, you have the ability to make IRA investments without seeking the consent of a custodian. Instead, the decisions are truly yours. You will have direct access to your IRA funds allowing you to make an investment quickly and efficiently. There’s no need to obtain approvals from a custodian or deal with the time delays awaiting approval from a custodian or incur any review fees.

When you find an investment you want to make with your IRA funds, simply write a check or wire the funds directly from your Self-Directed IRA LLC bank account to make the investment. A Self-Directed IRA LLC allows you to eliminate the delays connected with an IRA custodian, enabling you to act fast when the perfect investment opportunity presents itself. Another advantage of a Self-Directed IRA LLC account is that you can save a lot of money on custodian fees. Self-Directed IRA LLC structures are not required to seek custodian approval for making IRA investments, allowing you to eliminate custodian transaction fees and account valuation fees.

Here in Northern Texas

Another crucial point to consider is the portal itself. A source of competitive advantage in this industry is the individual experience and acumen of the portal’s underwriting staff. Many portals have their particular niche, and strengths so learn as much as possible about the portal’s focus and experience of their agents. This information is often available on their website or email. Having this first step information in analyzing the potential underwriting risk of a given project gets things started.

“We at Investment Club 360 specialize in exceptionally profitable properties,” said CEO of Investment Club, Kamran Baluch. “Real estate investment, especially residential real estate investment, is a local play, not a national one. It requires an experienced talent.” He went on to note that “every local market is different and high-level analyst reports don’t cut it when significant variables like comparable prices, vacancy rates, and even demographics can vary widely within the same square mile in some cities.” We specialize in finding the right spot, at the right time, with the best management, and with the greatest returns. Join us by contacting 214-810-4DFW.

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