EB5 Investor in Texas

Become an EB5 Investor in Texas

Obtaining a visa is never an easy process, but some paths are quicker than others. Perhaps the easiest ways to get a visa is by becoming an EB5 investor. For immigrants who have a substantial amount of wealth, they can not only “skip the line” in acquiring a visa, but also walk away with an impressive investment that may reap real rewards.

What Is an EB5 Investor?
In 1990, Congress created the EB5 program. In short, it says that an immigrant who invests $1 million (or $500,000 if it’s in a business located in designated areas), can receive a visa in return for their injection of capital. The EB5 program has been responsible for providing tens of billions of dollars over the years. However, because there are stipulations about the types of companies that can receive these investments, the EB5 program has also brought in millions of jobs over the years as well.

Why Texas?
Texas offers much, as far as any business-minded person is concerned. However, in a country that is still struggling to overcome and recover from the recession, Texas seems to already be ahead of most states.
Thanks to a booming population and the state’s reliable energy production industry, Texas saw a growth of 4.8% in its GDP last year. It was one of the top five states for population growth too, with estimates pointing to a population 125% larger by 2050. It was number six for an increase in employment, as well.
All these signs point to a state that is already repairing itself from the recession and working toward becoming an economic powerhouse once again.

Why Real Estate?
As the saying goes, when it comes to investing, “they”re not making any more land.” Though real estate may have gained a bad name thanks to the recession, close to 80% of investors who have at least $1 million worth of assets own real estate. A third of millionaires recently surveyed responded that they plan to buy land this year.
Furthermore, real estate values are starting to turn around. In fact, they’ve increased 8% over just the last year. That’s not bad, but also keep in mind that it’s 71% above where it was at when real estate hit its recession-low back in 2009.

Getting Involved As an EB5 Investor
While Texas has plenty of real estate investment opportunities waiting for you as an EB5 investor, it’s important you pick the right one. Remember, aside from providing you with returns, you need the investment to support 10 full time jobs or your visa will be denied.
One of the smartest things you can do is get a Texas lawyer who has experience helping immigrants like you find opportunities for investing. Experienced attorneys are essential because they will have a grasp on all the paperwork you’ll need to fill out, as well as the actual criteria your real estate investment will need to meet in order to be considered valid.

Becoming an EB5 investor is a smart and rewarding way to quickly earn your visa. Texas real estate provides you with a number of options as well. Just be sure you get the right help on your side in order to ensure you make the most out of this opportunity.