Investing in Property

Creating Bathrooms that Sell Houses

If you are already decided to sell your home, you should know that you are in for a lot of preparation to make your house attractive to people who wish to venture in investing in property. The most obvious place to start is the exterior of the house. You would want the property to call attention and to attract serious property buyers. As such, you need to present a neat and beautiful façade so it would merit a second glance to passersby. However, presenting an attractive house exterior is not the end of it all. You need to sustain the excitement and good impression of buyers as they enter the house.

Inside the house, there are a lot of things you should prepare for buyers’ inspection. Aside from the living room, which if the first thing that they would notice, a lot of serious property buyers would be demanding to look at the bathroom. This is one important part of the house that deserves your special attention if you wish to get more purchase offers. There is an interesting trend nowadays among people investing in property; and that is, majority of them consider the bathroom as their second most favourite place in their home especially if there’s one in the master’s bedroom. In fact, even ordinary people take the time to regularly reward themselves with luxurious baths, steam showers, and relaxing music — right inside their bathroom! Modern bathrooms are decorated both with comfort and luxury in mind. They are equipped with multiple shower heads, towel warmers, and spa facilities. Potential home buyers will definitely take note of the condition of your bathroom so if you believe it is a little outdated, you might want to get into a bathroom remodelling project to increase your chances of finding a buyer for your house.

Investing in property that you seriously intended to resell is imperative if you wish to command higher resale value. Spending for renovation and improvements are part of things you need to do to maintain good quality of the house. Here are few of the improvement ideas you can consider to create a bathroom that’s sure to impress buyers:

• Whirlpool bath is the “in” thing these days. However, if you feel that it’s way above your budget, simply replace your bathtub with a new one. Grimy tubs are a real turn-off to prospective house buyers.
• New flooring can give your bathroom an instant new look. Invest in new tiles and replace your old vinyl. There are so many colors, styles and designs to choose from. Have the tiles installed by professional installers.
• Vanity cabinets are essentials in a modern bathroom so make sure you have one in yours. This will create a neat look in your bathroom as all your personal bathroom paraphernalia can be stored in these cabinets instead of being left lying around.
• Take a quick look at your toilet and see if it needs replacement. You might be interested in getting a new model that makes use of less water. This feature would certainly appeal to most buyers.

When investing in property, you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune for renovation projects. Be creative and find ways to achieve beautiful improvements in the property without creating so much dent on your pocket. Here are a few cost-efficient ways to keep a bathroom looking at its best:

• Paint your bathroom. This instantly creates a new look to your bathroom even if you don’t have so many brand new fixtures installed. Light-colored paints can give the impression of a wide space, so you might want to stay neutral and go for the more popular light blue and light green hues.
• Keep the bathroom well-lit all the time. This is especially needed near mirrors when home owners have to apply make up, brush their teeth, or shave.
• Invest in simple yet beautiful bathroom accessories. You can have wall frames, decorative candle holders, and vase with fresh flowers inside your bathroom.

Last, but certainly not the least, tidy up your bathroom. Keeping it clean and smelling good all the time can catch attention. Clean the mirrors, floors, and sink. Wipe off water residue and place a scented candle somewhere for the final touch.