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Where to Find Real Estate Investments

Since most first-time investors lack proper knowledge on finding real estate properties, they start to look at every place for “For Sale” signs. But there are plenty of other ways to find real estate investments.

Read on to find several ways you can search for real estate investment properties near your place.

1: Classified ads on Newspaper – Although print media such as local newspaper are slowly starting to disappear from the scene, nonetheless, it’s an excellent place to find hot real estate investments for sale. Look for classified ad section where luxury real estate agents Dallas often place their property listings.

2: The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) – Multiple Listing Service, or MLS, lists different types of properties for sale that are put up by various real estate agent/broker(s) spread throughout the country. For example, when you’re using Redfin and site to find real estate investments, you’re actually using a MLS.

3: Craigslist – If you do NOT want to leave your home and travel around your neighborhood looking for buy real estate investment properties Dallas, you may use to find some of the best deals. Ranked as #51 most widely used website, millions of people flock at to find, rent, sell, and trade everything you can image, including real estate investments properties.

4: Word of Mouth – Sometimes, the best real estate deals are found by the old ways – i.e. word of mouth. By defining what you’re looking for and why, you will find a lot of great deals. You can spread your message by attending seminars and events at a local REIT club, realtor marketplace such as BiggerPockets, or directly networking with your peers.

5: Go Out and Market Yourself – Going out of your comfort zone and marketing yourself will bring plenty more sellers to you than simply sitting behind a computer screen and using real estate website.

Before going out, be prepared. Set up a website and carry your business cards. During seminars and meetings at REITs, hand your business cards to other investors. This will let them know who you are, what you do, and the best way to contact you if they require a real estate property in the future.

6: Loopnet Marketplace – If you didn’t find the type of property that fits your requirements, do not look anywhere else but visit as it is considered to be the largest marketplace that lists mainly commercial properties. The online marketplace list all types of properties, including single- to multi-family properties, large and small apartments, hotels, resorts, office and shopping malls, and several more.

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