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How to Market Your Home during the Winter Holidays.

Dallas Texas real estate agents will tell you that there are distinct advantages to selling your home during the holiday season. It is a well-known fact that homes that are adorned with warm cheery decorations are very appealing to potential home buyers. There is nothing more inviting than a home twinkling with lights and brightened up by greenery.  Dallas Texas real estate agents know that having an appealing, yet tastefully decorated home will make your home very visible and easier to sell during what is generally considered a not so good time to sell. But there are things you need to do and not do to make this happen.

  • Have great curb appeal. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Have leaves and other debris cleared from your driveway and walk ways. Dallas Texas real estate agents know that curb appeal is one of the most important selling points in a home.
  • Keep exterior lights to a minimum. While they look beautiful at night, they don’t add any to your home’s appeal during the day. Keep your holiday lighting in line with your neighbors as it shows neighborhood unity. Dallas Texas real estate agents know that this makes a great selling point to potential home buyers as well. Keep your outside displays tasteful and balanced.
  • Keep trees trimmed so that there are no chances of branches coming down and damaging your home or falling on anybody. This is often a common suggestion made by Dallas Texas real estate agents.
  • Place a cheerful, yet tasteful holiday door mat at your front door. This makes your home inviting to others.
  • Keep your doorways clear of toys, outdoor gear and any other types of clutter. Dallas Texas real estate agents know that this not only makes your home look better but can also prevent any possible falls by visitors.
  • Hang a festive holiday wreath on your front door. This shows potential buyers that your home is a happy place and will make it appeal to them that much more.
  • Play holiday music in the back ground when Dallas Texas real estate agents stop by with potential buyers. Keep your selections to traditional songs that are instrumental versions.
  • An experienced Dallas Texas real estate agent knows that it is important to keep your home warm and cozy. If you have a fire place or wood stove, keep it lit. Cold houses leave chilly impressions on potential buyers.
  • If you have a decorated tree, think about keeping it in proportion with your home size. In other words, don’t have a huge tree in a smaller house or vice versa. Remove any furniture if possible to help keep the room where your tree is located have a balanced look.
  • Keep your tree decorations conservative. Dallas Texas real estate agents know that not all potential home buyers celebrate the holidays like you do. This way you do not offend anyone. Your home while on the market is essentially a glass fish bowl, open to scrutiny by any and all who come in. You want them to notice your home and its potential as a home to them. You don’t want them to focus on your decorations.
  • Bake holiday cookies or an apple pie when you know potential buyers are liable to come by. If your Dallas Texas real estate agent plans an open house to showcase your home, then put an apple pie in the oven on the lowest setting possible, this will keep your home smelling pleasant while it is being viewed.

Doing these few simple things not only make your home seem more appealing but will help any Dallas Texas real estate agents to be able to sell it that much more quickly for you. Remember tasteful cheer and curb appeal are the two key things to do when you are trying to sell your home not only during the winter holidays but any time of year.