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Should You Invest in Turnkey Rentals?

You’ve no doubt heard a good bit about opportunities to invest in turnkey real estate in Dallas. These ready-to-rent properties make it easy to invest in real estate without the time commitment and effort involved with being a landlord. There are quite a few advantages to these kinds of investments, especially for those who live out of state and/or who do not want to handle the details of property management. However, turnkey rentals in Dallas are not for everyone. You should know a few things about the pros and cons of these properties before you invest.

Turnkey real estate does not usually offer the same profit margins as other forms of real estate investment. Basically, when you invest in a ready-to-rent property like this, you’ll be paying slightly more than you would for other properties. Why? Because, with turnkey rentals in Dallas, the property will already include everything you need to start seeing a return on your investment.

Turnkey rentals already have property management companies, and many come complete with tenants already living there, as well. The property management company for your investment will take care of lease renewals and finding new tenants, as well as repairs and regular maintenance of the property. In other words, when you invest in turnkey real estate in Dallas, you’ll get a completely hands-free real estate investment.

Basically, people invest in turnkey properties for the same reasons that they delegate and pay for responsibilities and services that they don’t have the time to do. For example, on paper, you could save a great deal of money per year if you didn’t need a personal assistant or other employees in your business, but the reality of the matter is you would be wasting vast amounts of time, energy, and – as a result – money if you attempted this.

If you want to be a landlord and handle property management and tenant issues, then you can theoretically make more money back on your investment at a faster rate than you would with a turnkey rental. However, when you think of the time and energy that going with a turnkey property frees up for you, you might start to see the benefits of choosing this hands-free real estate investment.