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Medical Real Estate in Dallas

Medical Real Estate Investments

IClub360 specializes in offering medical real estate solutions to healthcare professionals who are considering opening a new facility, expanding their existing facilities, or opening additional new areas.
Our team of real estate consultants has latest property and demographic records that will help you spot and find a ‘right’ medical real estate in Dallas, Texas.

If you’re having a difficult time understanding and making a decision to ‘plunge’ into the medical real estate niche, IClub360 will help you walk through the entire process in an easy to understand step-by-step method.

Our partners are expert in helping real estate buyers and tenants, like you, in almost every popular market in Dallas, Texas.

Who We Serve?

Currently, IClub360 is helping find ‘hot’ locations for eye care specialists, surgeons, physicians, dentists, and Emergency Centers.
Do you know that most physicians never buy their own real estate during their initial practice period? Most of them consider real estate to be expensive, while others simply want to rent, and the remaining are way too preoccupied or simply do NOT have ‘proper’ knowledge and motivation to enter into real estate.

Being busy and not having enough time to research in real estate is very poor excuse.

We believe that real estate is one of the most popular wealth-building tools available for physicians. Just look around ‘popular’ locations and you’ll find all types of medical real estate properties sprouting up.

You may also have been approached by some real estate developers in your area asking you to rent their new medical office?
They must have promised you FREE rent for first 3 months and also look after the tenant improvement costs once you sign their 5-10 year lease. Although they’ll be financing most of your upfront charges, however, you’re actually paying them back through this 5-10 year lease.

You won’t get anything out of this deal and it’s not a win-win situation for everyone involved in these types of deal. Why would you want to pay someone else’s mortgage? STOP making other people rich.

Once you’re asked to commit to their 5-10 year lease to fund for a medical real estate property in Dallas, you will just end up making them wealthy. As a physician, you need to take charge of your finances. One of the best ways to get started quickly is to look at the medical real estate properties where you live.

But, we understand that just most other physicians, you want to lead a simple life. You want to go to work, treat your patients, and then return back home at reasonable hours. But have you ever considered creating wealth and improving both your personal as well as family life?

If you haven’t, IClub360 can help!

What We Offer

When it comes to capitalizing, sale, and financing of healthcare real estate in Dallas, IClub360 is an industry leader. We have been providing excellent broad range services, including:

1 – Medical Real Estate Acquisition/ Development We acquire and develop medical real estate in close proximity of major hospital areas that allows physicians align their services to increase their efficiency and reduce the turnover time.

2 – Market Research & Strategy IClub360 market researchers and analytical team have devised a sustainable and sensible methodology that helps us identify profitable market and financial indicators to position your health care properties for highest probability of success.

3 – Investment Opportunities IClub360 offers investment opportunities in the medical real estate industry. Our investment strategy will focus on markets that have demand for medical facilities, lacks general care for aging people, underutilized facilities, and talented healthcare operators.

1 : Healthcare delivery evaluations.

2 : Investing in medical real estate that yields high ROIs to our investors.

3 : Align services to assist operators and physicians.

Interested to get started in Medical Real Estate in Dallas? Contact us or call us at 214-810-4DFW for more information.