Planning To Shift In Your New Home

Moving to your newly purchased residential real estate investment can be very exciting. However, if you’re planning to move this summer time, you’re in for a lot of surprises as this is the busiest season for many trucking and moving companies. You will need ample time to plan and prepare for the transfer so that a smooth move-in can take place. Here are several important tips that you’ll find very useful to achieve that smooth transition.

  • Decide early if you wish to get the services of a trucking or moving company. As summer is their peak season, you will need to notify them as early as you can to get reservations. Choose reputable service providers. You are going to entrust them with your most important possessions; it’s just natural that you choose a company that has a good track record and reputation in the trucking and moving industry.

  • You don’t have to bring all of your belongings to your new residential real estate investment. Go over all your personal properties and segregate those that you really need from those that you rarely even use. You will find that there are things that are damaged and beyond repair – get rid of them. Decide to dispose of others that can be valuable to other people by conducting a garage sale or donating the items to charitable institutions. Another option is to find external storage where you can store some of your important items. You can temporarily store them in a safe storage facility until you’re ready to transfer them to your new home or until you’ve decided what exactly you want to do with them.

  • If there are things that have to be fixed or repaired in your new home, it’s best to take care of them first so you can move in all your things without any hassles. It could take quite a while to do some repair or renovation works; finish them first so nothing gets in the way when you and your personal stuff arrive.

  • When you move in to your new residential real estate investment, you would want everything to be as normal as possible. This means you would want to be able to call friends, chat with them, email them, and communicate with them without any problem. You would want to be able to watch your regular tv shows. You would want to continue doing business transactions with ease. In order to do all these, you need to take care of having your internet and cable connection installed ahead of time. If you need to transfer bank accounts, then you can do this before you transfer so that everything is all set by the time you move in.

  • You will need boxes where you can store your personal stuff for transfer to your new residential real estate investment. Your moving company should be able to provide this easily; but if you want to cut down on costs, you can ask for used boxes from friends, neighbours, and grocery stores. If you can’t get them for free, you can offer to pay a minimal amount for them.

  • Be more organized in packing your things. Label the boxes so you can easily identify what’s inside. This way, you don’t have to open all boxes in case you need to retrieve something when you arrive in your new house. Indicate also which boxes contain fragile items so that they can be handled properly. If you realize that you’re transferring so many valuable items, it could be a good idea to buy insurance for your items so that they are covered any type of accidents that might happen along the way.

  • Place all the important documents in one box. This container should have all important equipment manuals, insurance policies, statement of accounts, and other important documents that shouldn’t be left lying around somewhere.

  • As you pack and plan to move in to your new residential real estate investment, don’t forget to check your old cabinets and drawers so you’re sure that you don’t miss out on anything.

  • Clean as you pack your things. It’s easier to see if there’s anything amiss if you are working in an organized and clean environment.