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Why Real Estate Investment is Good for You

Investment properties could be such an attractive investment opportunity. Many real estate investors buy and develop their property to earn income through rentals, while other sell it to other investors at higher price, and there are still other who ‘flip’ properties for profits.
If you were considering putting your hard-earned money into real estate investment properties, here are few reasons why it could be such a great decision.
Benefits of investing in investment properties:

1. You are your own boss – Once you decide to invest in an income generating property, you will automatically become your own boss. Unlike at 9-5 job where you’re constantly being told what to do and how to do things, investing in your own property offers many freedom for you. For example, you will never have to be responsible for others, only to yourself. You will decide which property you’ll buy and who will stay there, whether to rent it, sell it, or ‘flip’ it. Moreover, you will set the rental rates and how much will you spend on repairs and maintenance.

2. Earning high ROI by leveraging assets – If you have only small amount of funds available for investment in real estate property Dallas and need to borrow the rest from a lender, this is known as leverage. When you buy a property lending more money than the equity, this type of investment is known as ‘highly leveraged.’
So, how will you make profits by leveraging your property?
Well, let’s say, you only have $10,000 to fund for a $100,000 property. You’ll borrow $90,000 from the bank and combine your fund to purchase the property. Let’s say that your property will appreciate (increases in its value) by 5% every year. This appreciation is on the entire asset, not just only on your own money.
So every year, the value of your property will automatically increase by 5% of the total amount you’ll invest. Within 10 years, you’ll have earned a significant amount, almost by $63,000 dollars. By leveraging your property, you will earn more than $60,000 by investing only $10,000 of your own money.

3. You’ll make cash from rentals – If you’re purchasing a property, or properties, for rental, rest assured you’ll make a steady income for years to come. Suppose you rent a property for monthly rate for $12,000. Let’s say, you make a monthly mortgage payment of $800 per month. You should save $400 ($12,000 – $800) every month, right? Wrong! Here’s where most newbie investors go wrong that could either make or break their investment career.
As a savvy investor, you still need to set aside 5% of your rental income for maintenance and vacancy costs that may occur in the future. So you place another $120 into a separate account every month that will take care of covering repairs and maintenance costs.
After all these cuts, you’ll save $280 per month into your pockets.

4. You are entitled to huge property tax deductions – When you become a rental property owner, you automatically deduce tax on mortgage and credit card payments. Likewise, you can also cut down costs on your property taxes, insurance, travel expenses, maintenance repairs, and any other legal fee that may occur while purchasing a rental property.
On the other hand, if you were to purchase a stock or bonds, you’d lose plenty of money on tax cuts.
Being a successful real estate property owner is a huge challenge, but if you know how to handle it properly, this challenge can bring you significant amount of wealth for you.
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