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Invest in Single Family Rentals in TX

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Investing in Single Family Rentals in Dallas, Texas

Texas boasts a ripe landscape for sophisticated investors seeking stable and high profit income producing single family rental homes. With a strong advisory and management team on the ground, equipped with the best data, and tapped in to reliable sources of inventory serious investors will find it hard to beat TX property.

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Why Single Family Rentals in TX

The advantages of single family rental investment in Texas


Texas has typically proven to be sheltered from the extreme fluctuations of other US markets. Investors in TX generally enjoy reliable growth, minimal downside value fluctuation potential, and a substantial lead when frothy and frequently frothy markets like Miami, New York, and San Francisco take a turn for the worst.


One of the reasons for this state’s stability is its rules protecting homeowner equity and efforts to avoid underwater positions. This in turn makes it far easier for investors to acquire and sell properties, and maintain great flexibility during all times.


Even around major metros like Dallas, and its sub-markets of Plano, Denton, and Frisco, single family rental homes in Texas remain incredibly affordable compared to much of the rest of the US. All without sacrificing safety or sound investment principles. In fact; you’ll find you get a lot more for your money in TX. That is per property, and for the total capital in your portfolio to invest. You may choose to live in California, Florida, New York, or overseas, but invest in Texas for value and the ability to diversify and minimize risk in your investment portfolio.


Texas has extremely strong fundamentals across the board. The energy sector is a part of that, but the state has also become a leader in hi-tech business, has a strong agricultural backbone, and is consistently regarded as one of the best for employment and being business and investment friendly.

Landlord Friendly State

Sophisticated investors understand the pressing need to invest in markets which are friendly. RentersInsurance.com ranks Texas as the number one pro-landlord state. That removes a vast amount of risk, and increases net operating income.

Cash Flow

All of the above comes back around to delivering superior cash flow levels and highly attractive yields to those engaging in single family home investment, along with great asset value.

Residential Investment Property Options in TX

Property Types:

• Detached single family homes
• Condominiums
• Townhomes
• Duplexes, triplexes, and quadraplexes
• New development projects

Single Family Rental Investment Strategies:

New construction
• Bulk acquisitions of single family rental portfolios
• Single family rental securitization
Turnkey rentals
• Single family rental REITs
• Partnerships and real estate syndications

Getting Started

• Define your investment goals and criteria
• Identify the strategies and methods which offer the best match
• Find a steady source of attractive single family rental deals
• Build a local team to provide intel and management

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