Listing Real Estate Investments for Sale

What to Expect After Listing Real Estate Investments for Sale

Selling Real estate investments can long and difficult process if not done correctly. If you know what to expect once you’ve decided to sell your Real estate investments can make the process easier and go much more smoothly than if you go into without knowing what you’re up against. Unless you’re lucky enough to get multiple offers on your Real estate investments that exceed your asking price once you’ve listed the property, the process of selling can become quite challenging. Here is a list of what to expect once you’ve signed a listing agreement for your Real estate investments.

  1. The first thing your realtor will likely do is place your Real estate investments i n the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This notifies all other realtors in the area that your Real estate investments are for sale.
  2. A for-sale sign will be placed in front of the property. If the property is vacant, the most likely there will also be a lock box placed on the front door. This allows realtors access to the property so that they can show your Real estate investments to potential buyers. If the property is occupied, they will make arrangements with you as to when it can be shown. This can seem intrusive, but it is important in order for your Real estate investments to be shown as much as possible so that it can be sold as quickly as possible. This is especially important if it is listed in a highly competitive market or a very slow market. This allows your realtor easy access so they don’t miss out on a potential sale.
  3. Your real estate agent will most likely arrange an open house so that your Real estate investments can be showcased to potential investors. This means you will have to have the property in as good condition as possible. This is why it is important to not list your Real estate investments until they are in ready to go condition. It is also not recommended that you be present at the open house. This gives you emotional disconnection and allows the buyers to have an objective view of the property. This is especially true if you have sentimental attachment to your Real estate investments. Your realtor may recommend multiple open houses if your property doesn’t seem to move as quickly as they think it should or they may want to have an open house for the general public and one for other brokers. The real estate agent handling the sale of your Real estate investments will know what works best for your particular situation.
  4. Most of the time new Real estate investments listings have high traffic. This means if it is newly on the market, everybody wants to see what you’re offering. Don’t be upset if the traffic dies down after a few weeks. The average “days on the market” for Real estate investments is about a sixty to ninety day cycle. This will largely depend upon the location of the Real estate investments you are selling and what the current local market is like. If you are in a slower market, potential buyers take their time. If a buyer asks to look a second or third time at your Real estate investments, then you can generally be sure they are fairly serious about making an offer to purchase. Make sure your realtor has good communication with these types of potential buyers and that you are kept in the loop as to how things are progressing. Any offers, even ones that are lower than your asking price are a chance to begin negotiations on selling your Real estate investments and often lead to a hard offer and a sale.
  5. Keep your Real estate investments properties neat and clean. If they are occupied, make sure the current renters keep it clean and neat looking. Don’t let your Real estate investments look neglected or abandoned. Keep the landscaping neat and the interior cleaned at all times.
  6. After about six weeks, the excitement of putting your Real estate investments up for sale has worn off and you may have less traffic. Unless your Real estate investments are in a very difficult market, if you’ve not had any type of offer after six weeks, it is time to strategize with your realtor and figure out how to renew interest in the properties and get the ball rolling on getting it sold.