Dallas Commercial Real Estate

Why Isn’t Your Dallas Commercial Real Estate Selling?


Dallas commercial real estate can be difficult to sale if it is not handled properly. If you are asking yourself as to why any Dallas commercial real estate you are trying to sell is not moving as quickly off the market as you think it should, you might answer price and you would be correct most of the time. There are numerous reasons as to why Dallas commercial real estate doesn’t always sell as quickly as an owner thinks it should. The pricing factor is just one and is the most common, as many potential purchasers seem to think that property is generally worth less than the price the owner asks.

For all the time and effort that goes into buying and selling Dallas commercial real estate, the steps of getting it ready to sell are relatively simple. Dallas commercial real estate is only worth what a potential purchaser is willing to pay and an owner willing to accept. Although the details of the process may be simple, arriving at that magic agreed upon price is difficult.

If you’ve taken the time to educate yourself on the local Dallas commercial real estate market and have a professional agent, and are willing to listen to them and work closely with them, you can get a lot closer to the magic agreed upon price much sooner.

What you want to make from selling your Dallas commercial real estate means absolutely nothing to potential purchasers or the local real estate marketplace. Nearly every Dallas commercial real estate owner thinks their property is the best on, or at least well than any of the ones that have recently sold or are on the market. Even if it is likely that your Dallas commercial real estate will sell for a certain amount and you insist on listing it for a higher amount because you just know that there is a potential buyer out there who just has to purchase your property no matter what the price, you are in for a major disappointment. The fact of the matter is that when you do this on the listing price for your Dallas commercial real estate, it doesn’t take long for word to spread that your price is unrealistic and they will not want to deal with you unless they think the property is a “steal”. If Dallas commercial real estate sits on the market for too long, potential investors will think there is something wrong with it and your Dallas commercial real estate becomes unmarketable at any price.

The best solution for getting the price right on your Dallas commercial real estate is to have your listing agent do a comparative market analysis. If you hire someone experienced in selling Dallas commercial real estate, The CMA is the first step they will take in getting your property ready for listing. The CMA gives a breakdown of your Dallas commercial real estate’s size, location, condition and age. It lists figures of properties that are similar to yours and what they sell for. This is done to identify any competitive Dallas commercial real estate that is also on the market. If your agent handles things right, they can help you reach a comparative asking or listing price so that your figure is on target and make it much easier to sell your Dallas commercial real estate in a changing market. An experienced Dallas commercial real estate agent will know it is important to keep your CMA information updated.

Not every reason your Dallas commercial real estate isn’t selling will be the price. You also have to consider Dallas commercial real estate value versus price issue. If potential Dallas commercial real estate purchasers think there are imperfections in your listing, they will want a discounted price. This means if they’re not willing to pay the asking price, it is because they don’t’ think your price is discounted enough for potential purchasers to believe the value to them at least equals that of your Dallas commercial real estate’s price. These perceived imperfections can be anything from the looks of the building’s exterior to the number of rooms a property has. This is why it is important to work with your Dallas commercial real estate agent to have your property priced and presented right the first time.