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What Are the Best Real Estate Investments in Dallas? (2019 Update)

According to Investopedia, Dallas has one of the top 5 best real estate markets in the United States. If you’ve been around the Dallas/Fort Worth area for the past 14 years, you’ve probably noticed that our housing prices dipped but did not plummet like the rest of the country. And since the housing market crash, we’ve seen a lot of recovery and growth, to include a wide variety of real estate investment opportunities.

You’re probably thinking, though, “What’s the best real estate investment in Dallas?” After all, even in a great market, there are going to be some good investments and some that are not-so-good. Well, if you want to get a great return, steady cash flow, and a stabilizing force on your investment portfolio, I’d recommend that you look into luxury rental properties or commercial property investments.

There’s a good bit of luxury real estate for sale in Dallas, and the current trend amongst the wealthy is to rent their vacation homes instead of buying them. So, if you can procure a piece of luxury real estate for sale in Dallas at a good price, you can get a great return on your investment in very little time.

While you’re looking, though, you may also want to look into commercial properties, especially healthcare real estate. If you purchase a building with a doctor’s office or urgent care facility in it, you’ll have a great setup to attract medical tenants. Because healthcare is always in demand (and is, therefore, recession-proof), you’ll have no problem filling the space and starting regular cash flow.

If you can find (or build) a commercial building in a good location, you could also get a great return on investment with a commercial retail space. Whichever you choose, though, you should look at the location, what other spaces are available, and average rent for similar spaces. If you do this, you’ll find the best real estate investment in Dallas.

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Why You Should Invest in Healthcare Real Estate (2019 Update)

If you’re interested in a real estate investment trust (REIT) with little risk and big rewards, you should really consider healthcare real estate in Dallas, TX. REITs sell like stocks on the market, but instead of investing in a company, you invest directly in a piece of real estate. You can see, with real estate being a great long-term investment, how this kind of addition to your portfolio can do a lot for your net worth, right?

That’s why more and more private real estate investors in Dallas are putting their funds into healthcare real estate, and why you should think about doing the same. Not only is real estate a great long-term investment, but healthcare-specific properties are also always in demand.

Healthcare real estate in Dallas, TX also offers a variety of opportunities. You could invest in a senior living facility, an urgent care clinic, a general practitioner’s office, etc. These healthcare facilities are built out with specific equipment and design specifications, and there’s a growing need for them throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and all over the United States.

So how does this increased demand for healthcare facilities affect you as an investor? Well, more and more hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities are turning to private real estate investors in Dallas for funding. By doing this, they can save their own capital for the acute needs of their patients, and you get a great investment opportunity.

What better way to diversify your portfolio than to be part owner of a hospital, doctor’s office, or senior care facility? Healthcare real estate is potentially one of the most stable, long-term real estate investments on the market. The Dallas/Fort Worth area is booming, and its residents are going to need more medical services as it grows. Invest in the future and health of north Texas, and you’ll see some really great returns.

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Tips for Buying Rental Property in Dallas (2019 Update)

The housing market crash is over, and market values are on the rise. The future looks bright for real estate investment, but how should you go about investing in real estate? Flipping houses involves a lot of renovation and restoration work, and you have to put in a lot of time and effort to keep making returns on your investments.

On the other hand, while it still takes some ongoing effort, if you invest in property in Plano with the intention of renting it out, you could have an investment on your hands that starts paying out almost immediately and continues for years to come.

1. Research the Right Location

Buying rental property in Dallas or Plano could be the best investment decision you’ve ever made if you do it right. First, you have to look at where you’re going to invest in property in Plano or Dallas. What are the neighborhoods like? What are the market values of the houses?

The key is to find a neighborhood that’s growing and that will continue to increase in value, making it more and more attractive to potential renters as the years go by. Avoid areas and neighborhoods with a lot of vacancies. You may get a killer deal on the price of the house, but that won’t help you if you can’t get anyone to rent it from you.

2. Choose Newer Construction Over Old Classics

Those beautiful old bungalows and Victorian era homes are gorgeous, and you wouldn’t mind putting a little bit of work into one you were living in, but this is an investment. You’re buying a rental property in Dallas, and you want to make sure that it requires as little in the way of repairs and maintenance as possible.

Older homes not only need more repairs and maintenance, but it can be a real pain to try to find replacements for old windows, pipes, etc. Not only that, but older construction homes are not as well insulated as newer homes, which is less attractive to tenants and can really drive down the rent you can expect to collect.

3. Get a Thorough Safety Inspection

Before you purchase any property, get a licensed home inspector to perform a thorough inspection of the house and the surrounding property. What will it take to bring the property up to code? What safety hazards are lurking around the house that you may have missed? If they can prove that you did not do everything in your power to prevent an accident, your tenants can sue you for damages. An inspection is absolutely essential.

Follow these three easy tips, and you’ll be on your way to finding the best properties to invest in and to rent out. You could see a return on your investment in no time.