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4 Principles to Help Your Online Real Estate Investments (2019 Update)

Investing in real estate online may seem like a very simple venture at first, and it’s certainly a better means of increasing your passive income and diversifying your portfolio than other investment options. However, if you want to make successful investments and ensure that your investment capital is working for you, you should keep these four principles in mind.

Work With People Who Have an Intimate Understanding of the Market

Whether you’re investing through an REIT (real estate investment trust), a real estate crowdfunding platform, or any other online investment service, you need to know that you’re investing with a company that employs real estate and investing experts who know the market like the backs of their hands.

Essentially, you need to remember that you’re not just investing in a website. You’re investing in one or more income properties through a website that is backed by real estate agents and brokers, financial experts, and others who have an intimate knowledge of the market. These people will either use your capital to invest in a profitable development, as is the case with an REIT, or they will work with you to match you with the best investments to improve your portfolio’s performance.

Before deciding on a platform to invest in, look into their investment history and/or work with an investment firm that has a reputation for making great choices for their investors.

Diversify Your Investments for a More Stable Portfolio

This is one of the most exciting aspects of investing in real estate through REITs and/or real estate crowdfunding platforms. Instead of purchasing an entire property on your own, you have the opportunity to purchase a percentage of the equity in multiple properties. This gives you the ability to diversify your portfolio with a number of different investments, making it more stable should one of your investments fall short of your expectations.

Not only is real estate a great hedge against inflation for your investment capital, but spreading that capital across multiple properties also reduces your risk level while potentially increasing your rewards.

Communication Is Always Key

As we mentioned earlier, when you choose to invest in real estate online, you’ll be working with one or more investment firms. Years ago, this would have meant having regular in-person meetings and/or phone calls with your investment advisors. Today, it may mean regular emails, SMS messages, and live chats, as well as the occasional phone call when necessary or when you prefer. The modes by which you communicate with your investment firm may change, but the need to communicate openly with them remains the same. A quality investing firm will keep lines of communication open and will work with you so that you are always aware of what’s going on, where your capital is being invested, and how it benefits you.

Your Investments Make a Difference

You may never step foot in your investment properties. Many of them may be local, but they may also be out of town or out of state. The successful developments you fund with your investment capital will help to improve the property values and vibrancy of the areas and neighborhoods where they’re located. In addition to making your local communities and communities around the country better places to work and live, this also yields more and better investment opportunities for the future.

Keep these four principles in mind, and you’ll have the basic tools you need to begin investing in real estate online. The platforms and forms of communication with your financial advisors may be evolving, but the basic elements of investing in commercial real estate remain constant.