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5 Features to Look for in a Residential Property Investment (2019 Update)

Investors in Texas will find that real estate can be a wonderful investment opportunity whether they are looking into commercial or residential real estate. However, that’s not to say that all of the properties out there are going to be good buys. There are certain elements that you should always look for when you are determining whether you should invest in a piece or property or not.

The Neighborhood

There are many wonderful places to buy investment real estate in Dallas, Texas. However, you will find that some of the neighborhoods will make for better purchases than others will. When you are looking at potential investments for sale in the residential sector, you should consider the quality of the neighborhood, as this will have an effect on the vacancy rate along with the quality of tenants you can attract.

While you are doing research on the neighborhood, also be sure to check the rate of crime. Areas that have a high rate of crime are going to be difficult to rent out, and when you can rent out the property, the price for the rental tends to be quite a bit lower than a similar home in a better area.

The more you know about the neighborhood, the easier it will be to make sure you are buying in the right location.

The Rental Prices

Take some time to look at the price of the properties in the area, along with the going rate for rent in properties that are very similar to the ones you want to buy. Is the rent going to be high enough to sustain the property and to help you make a profit? Are there often a lot of vacancies in the area? This could mean you are going to be competing against other property owners who are also looking for tenants.

Area Amenities

A residential investor needs to think about the type of people they want to have living in their properties. Knowing the amenities that are available in the neighborhood, such as parks, schools, shopping areas, and entertainment venues are all very important to prospective tenants, and they can be beneficial when it comes to marketing the property.

Property Taxes

The property taxes can vary from one area to another, so you need to understand what the property taxes are going to be on the property you want to buy. How much money are you going to be losing to taxes. Keep in mind that high property taxes are not always a bad thing, as long as you have chosen a great neighborhood, and you can expect to have some long-term tenants in the property.

Condition of the Property

While it might be enticing to buy a property in Dallas that needs a lot of work because the prices tend to be so low, investors have to remember that these properties will not be making money for them right away. Before they can bring in tenants to the property, they need to rehab the place and get it in good shape. This takes money and time. That’s not to say that investors should always avoid these types of properties, just that they should have a solid understanding of the properties condition before they make their purchase.

Plenty of investment properties in Dallas and Fort Worth are readily available, and many of them can make great choices for new and seasoned investors alike. Just be sure to check all aspects of the property to be sure it is the smart investment choice.