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Can Medical Real Estate Investments in Dallas Be Beneficial? (2019 Update)

While many investors know that investing in real estate can be a great way to diversify their portfolio and to find an investment that is profitable, they often limit the types of investments they choose. They might choose to invest in commercial property, or they might choose to invest in residential property. However, they might not truly explore all of the options available with commercial real estate in Dallas, Texas. One of the most promising options for investors today is medical real estate investments.

This type of investment would fall into the commercial property area, and it has quite a bit of potential. There are many different types of medical real estate investments, including assisted care living facilities and homes for seniors, as well as more traditional clinics.

Why a Medical Real Estate Investment?

When making an investment, it is generally a good idea to find something that people are going to need. Medical clinics and dental clinics alike are always going to be in demand, which means those who provide these types of services are always going to need properties where they can set up their clinic. The amount of rent that can be charged for these facilities tends to be relatively high, as well, which can help to ensure you are turning a profit on the investment.
In addition, the rentals on these types of properties tend to be long-term. Once a facility has been set up, most will want to stay in the clinic space for the convenience of their patients, and because moving an entire clinic can be very time consuming.

How to Choose the Right Medical Real Estate Investment

As always, you will want to consider the location of the property, along with what type of improvements will need to be made so it can work as a functional medical facility. The size of the building is also important. It needs to have areas that can function as exam rooms, as well as areas for offices and a waiting area for the patients.

While there may be some similarities between these and other types of commercial investment, there are plenty of differences, as well. It often takes a trained eye to understand exactly what will make a good investment and what opportunities are best to pass over. Working with a company that has plenty of experience in the field and that can help you to find an investment that will work with your finances and that can turn a profit is essential.

Taking Care of the Property

A medical real estate investment is not the type of property you can take care of on your own as a landlord. You will want to work with a property management company that has worked with these types of facilities in the past. They can ensure the facility is cared for properly when it comes to basic things such as maintenance, and they can ensure the rent is paid each month.

The tenants may also hire out for cleaning services and the like, as needed. This is not generally something that the property management will have to take care of, as they will deal with the maintenance of the building, while the tenants will be responsible for their own exam rooms, offices, and waiting area for basic cleaning.

While medical real estate investments in Dallas might not be on everyone’s radar, they can be a good and steady source of income for the investors who are willing to venture into this field. Before discounting this type of investment, consider the benefits if can offer.