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Peer to peer mortgage lending Dallas Texas

Peer to Peer mortgage lending Dallas Texas | InvestmentClub360

Peer to peer mortgage lending Dallas Texas

Peer to peer mortgage lending is an online platform or company that connects borrowers with lenders. It is an alternative means with which real estate investors/developers can acquire capital from investors instead of seeking loans from banks and other traditional means.

It cuts out the lending protocols of the bank and makes it easy for investors to seek capital from other investors. Peer to peer is conducted by a P2P platform who brings the borrowers and the lenders together.

The P2P platform does not lend money to investors seeking for funds; they only bring the investor seeking for funds with other investors who want to invest.

Peer to peer lending platforms has made it easy for investors to get funds to expand fund their investment without going to the bank to seek loans.

P2P lending involves low-interest rates, simple applications, and quick decision making. All these have made P2P a better alternative to traditional means of seeking loans from the bank and made it a huge success in the modern world. The number of P2P lenders getting into the mortgage business has increased steadily.

The lender can set the interest rate and compete for the lowest rate reverse auction model or fixed by the P2P company on the basis of the analysis of the borrower’s credit score.

The lender’s investment is not normally protected by any government guarantees. This means the government cannot guaranty repayments in case a borrower is defaulting to pay back.

For this reason, the lender mitigates risks by choosing which borrower to lend to. The lender can also further mitigate risks by diversifying his investment loan among many borrowers.

According to a report by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, US P2P platforms have issued approximately $5.5 billion in loans in 2014. It is estimated that by 2025, the market could reach up to $150 billion or higher.

Process of obtaining a peer to peer mortgage loan

The process of obtaining a P2P mortgage loan varies by companies. Different P2P mortgage lending companies have different processes before giving out loans, however, the process typically follows a similar pattern.

The pattern is:

  1. The developer/borrower begins an online search and application for a loan. The borrower then receives pre-qualifies interest loan amounts and interest rates from the P2P company.
  1. The borrower then chooses the loan amount and interest rates which he/she wants and is most convenient. The borrower will then complete the application and receives a letter of pre-approval from the P2P company.
  1. The borrower will then submit his/her offer to the P2P company and close the loan. Here, the borrower will need to upload his/her purchase agreement, state his/her interest rate, obtain a property agreement and sign final documents.

As a developer/borrower, before applying for a mortgage loan, you need to know the ups and downs. You need to know all it entails.

What are the Pros?

  1. P2P lenders tend to approve loans for people with low credit scores more than for people with high credit scores.
  1. The interest rates on P2P loans are typically lower than the interest rates of other traditional loan lenders.
  1. Service fees on P2P loans are also typically lower than other traditional loan lenders.

What are the Cons?

  1. The time to process and approve a P2P loan may be longer than that of the traditional loan lenders.
  1. Collections fees for borrowers who don’t pay back on time can be very steep.

Peer to peer intermediaries provide the following services to better secure a lenders investment:

  1. An online investment platform that enables borrowers to attract lenders. It also allows lenders to identify and give loans that meet their investment criteria and expectations.
  1. The P2P intermediary identifies borrower’s identity, bank account, employment status, and income.
  1. Develop credit models for loan approvals and pricing.
  1. Perform borrower’s credit checks in order to filter out borrowers that are not qualified.
  1. Provide customer service to borrowers and also collect fees from borrowers who default in payments.
  1. Process payments from borrowers and remitting the payments to the lenders who invested in the loan.
  1. Ensure legal compliance and reporting.
  1. Loan servicing.
  1. Find new lenders and borrowers and connect them together.


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Real Estate Investing in Land Dallas, Teaxs

Real Estate Investing in Land Dallas,Texas (Ultimate Guide in 2019)

Investing in land has become increasingly profitable. Investors are having more interest in land investment as it requires low or no maintenance and with good investment profits. Continue reading about Real Estate Investing in Land Dallas.

Investing in lands in Dallas has become increasingly profitable for investors. Investors boost and diversify their portfolios by investing in Land in Dallas.

The land is a limited property; it can’t be manufactured or created. The number of lands available now is the number of lands that are going to be available forever. The value of land will always appreciate as more buildings and constructions are been done. The need for land is continuously growing, creating a high demand for it.

The population of Dallas is constantly increasing and the demand for more residential buildings keep increasing. Lands are going to be needed for these buildings to be built.

It is not a question whether or not land appreciates because it will always appreciate. The only question you may ask is how much it appreciates. 

Benefits of Investing in Land in Dallas

There are several benefits of investing in land in Dallas. As an investor, you will find out that it is easier and more profitable to invest in land rather than investing in commercial and residential buildings.

Some good benefits of investing in lands include:


  • Lower start-up capital 

The prices of land are generally lower than the prices of commercial and residential buildings. Purchasing land requires lower capital. You can easily save up to have enough money to purchase a land unlike purchasing a building that cost a small fortune. 

More investors and taxpayers have the opportunity to invest in lands due to lower prices of land as compared to purchasing a building. You can start your investment with low capital and generate profit over time to expand your portfolio. 


  • It generates good profits

The land is one of the investments that always appreciate. The demand for land is always increasing due to population and economic growth.

As an investor, you can hardly run into a loss by investing in lands. The value of land appreciates over time. Land does not depreciate.

When you buy a land at a cheaper price and leave the land for some years, it appreciates in value and you make good profits.


  • Low maintenance 

Unlike maintaining a building, you do not maintain the land. Land requires very low or no maintenance. The only thing you might need to do is to cut down trees or clear off the bushes if you want.

Otherwise, you can leave the land as it is for years and its value will not depreciate. You don’t spend extra money on maintaining the land.

You also don’t need to hire a management company to help you manage the land or you don’t need to spend money repairing damaged parts. 


  • A source of additional income

You can make your land a source of additional income. You can do this by finding creative ways to make the land usable.

You can lease out the land for use as a parking space, playground, farmland, or to be used for special events. You can also lease it out to be used as a garage until you want to sell it.

You can lease out the land for a couple of years until you are ready to sell it. This way you make extra income from the land and still retain the value of the land.


  • Lower Taxes

The taxes of buildings and structures are much higher than taxes on land. You pay just a little amount of tax on a land as compared to the huge amount of tax you will pay on a residential or industrial building.


  • It is flexible

The land is a flexible asset, unlike buildings. You can use land however you want. You can decide to develop on it, lease it, or leave it to appreciate.

You are not limited to how you can use the land; hence its value continues to appreciate due to its flexibility. 


  • It is limited

The land is not produced or manufactured. They aren’t making any more of it. The amount of land available now is the amount of land that is going to be available forever.

Land is a valuable resource with limited quantities available. Most people do not realize this on time. There will be a time that land will be very scarce and this will skyrocket the prices of land. Holding a land for a long-term is a way to increase the profit you will make on the land.

Why you should invest in land in Dallas

Dallas is a good investment ground for land. Many investors are coming into Dallas to invest in land and more investors are still expected to invest in land in Dallas. 

You may be wondering why you should invest in land in Dallas, below are some of the reasons:

  • Absorption of undeveloped or underutilized land in Dallas-Fort Worth continues at a record pace

Different areas in the Dallas-Fort Worth are becoming very strong in employment. More people are relocating into the city due to the availability of jobs. Jobs creation does not only help to increase the economy of a city or a country, but it also helps to increase the population. 

More investors and partners are coming into the Dallas land investment market due to potentials and profits. There has been greater interest in land in Dallas-Fort Worth within the last two years than in the previous six years.

This is due to the growing population and economy in the city. Investing in land in the Dallas area has become increasing alluring and profitable to investors.

Low top rates, buy costs surpassing replacement costs, and diminished retail demand has made some investments riskier. However, the value of lands has continued to grow and land investments have continued to experience increased profits.

  • External factors are making land investments more attractive

Investors and buyers are getting more cautious, yet there is a reported increase in land interests in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 

There is increased interest in lands in outer regions, especially in the concentric circles around Dallas-Fort Worth, as per the report.

Land investments are becoming increasingly when compared with other types of investments such as oil and gas, stocks and bonds, technology and other investments they are perceived to be riskier.

  • The so-called fairway is still a great buy-in and around the Dallas-Fort Worth area

The stretch of land limited in Interstate 35 East and U.S. 75 from downtown Dallas up to the Red River keeps on being a great buy. The risk of buying these lands are much lower if you keep them long-term. 

Southern Dallas keeps on pulling in new and reputable developers searching for land for short-term and long-term developments.

Forney to upper east Rockwall to Princeton still has lower costs per acre of land. West DFW has appealing short-term and long-term investments.

  • The increasing population keeps increasing the demand for land


The population of Dallas-Fort Worth is estimated at about 7.4 million. This makes the cities two of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. The Urban Land Institute recently named Dallas-Fort Worth as the top real estate market in the U.S.

An average of 300-600 people relocates to Dallas every day and these people will need new homes to live. This increase in the population of Dallas creates more needs for construction of new homes which increases the demand for lands.


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Ultimate Guide to Real Estate investment Dallas

Real Estate investment Dallas | Real Estate Returns and growth

Are you considering investing in real estate? Real estate investing is considered one of the best and most profiting investing. It has good potential returns on investment. It is almost impossible to go at a loss when you invest in real estate. Let’s discuss Real Estate investment Dallas.

Most people that want to invest in real estate are faced with the dilemma of finding the right location or area to buy properties. Purchasing a property in a wrong location can lead to a loss or a low return of investment.

Knowing the cities with good prospects and with potentials to maximize profit is very important. This is why before investing in any property, you should first make adequate research to know which area and cities with potentials to maximize good returns on investment.

Dallas real estate market is booming with great returns on investment. It is a market where you should very much consider investing on. Dallas real estate market has grown in recent times both in the increase of population and economic growth.

Dallas is a city where around 600 people relocated into every day. This shows a great opportunity for property investment as people will need homes to live in. Dallas is a choice location for a lot of people and this has made the city a great investment hub for property investors and home buyers.

5 reasons to invest in Dallas Real Estate Market

Dallas is home for both locals and foreigners. It is a choice location for a lot of people. The growth of its population and economy has made it a seller’s market for real estate. Investing in real estate in Dallas is a good choice you should make.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should invest in real estate in Dallas:

  1. Tax benefits

Tax payment on properties is one of the factors that can drive away investors from investing in properties in a particular location. Investing in real estate in Dallas reduces or eliminate taxes on properties.

Investing in properties and treating your investments as a business will enable you to eliminate expenses you would have incurred. Expenses including property taxes, travel fees, and repair costs can all be eliminated.

You can also avoid paying capital gains taxes on properties with 1031 exchange. It allows you to purchase like-kind property with the proceeds from the sale of another property. Buying properties with 1031 exchange helps to eliminate the payment of taxes on properties sold.

Buying properties in an Opportunity Zone allows you to defer payment of capital gains taxes.

  1. Population Growth and Economic Growth

Dallas is growing at a fast pace with about 600 people relocating to Dallas daily. Dallas is the 4th most populous metropolitan area in the United States.

It is expected that 50,000 new single-family homes and 50,000 new apartments will be built in Dallas County in the next three years.

With a 4% annual economic growth over the past years, Dallas has experienced a significant increase in population. Dallas had its roots in small-scale farming which has been boosted by oil business.

It has become an urban cultural and business center. Dallas real estate market is expanding daily, which is why more homes are needed to accommodate its populace.

Dallas is fast becoming a hub for business and as more people are relocating to the city, more homes are needed which is very beneficial for real estate investors.

  1. Job markets and high employment rates

Dallas has been ranked 2nd in the job market growth in the United States with over 500,000 jobs created over the recent years. The average salary in Dallas is rising to about $60,000 annually. This has resulted in the financial stability of people living and working in Dallas.

The high rate of employment, good economy and financial strength of its populace has made the city a great location for real estate investment.

With a GDP of about $450 billion, Dallas is ranked 6th in the best GDP in the United States. With people having good jobs and earn better wages, they can buy properties and pay rentals. They can spend more money on buying properties from investors.

Availability of jobs in Dallas helps to create a good economy and it is expected to increase in the future.

Dallas is ranked at 1st in the overall commercial real estate demand in the United States. This means that the demand for properties both commercial and residential is very high in Dallas.

  1. High rent to home price ratio

The ratio of the residential rental to home prices in the Dallas housing market is 16:1. This means that in 16 years, a property owner can get full return on the value of his/her property.

This is the highest-ranked property return in the United States. Also, the selling prices of commercial properties such as industrial, retail and offices all cost above the normal rates in Dallas.

  1. Growth of Airbnb

Airbnb (Air bed and breakfast) is an online-based market for renting properties. Foreigners, immigrants, and people relocating to Dallas can rent properties and accommodations through the platform.

On bookings, it takes a 3% commission and the balance payment goes to the homeowner. A lot of people uses the platform and Airbnb has recorded remarkable growth in Dallas over the years.

The growth of Airbnb has indicated that a lot of people are moving into Dallas and they need accommodation. Dallas is among the cities with the highest vacation rental services.

Hence, as a property investor, it will be wise to invest in property in Dallas due to the high demand for accommodations to rent. The value of your property will continue to rise due to the increase in demand.

Dallas Real Estate investment returns and growth 

The median value per square foot of homes in Dallas is $205, which is higher than the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington Metro average of $137.

The median cost of homes right now recorded in Dallas is $379,900. The lease cost in Dallas is $1,618, which is lower than the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington Metro median of $1,695.

Dallas housing market in 2019 is one of the strongest markets in the United States. In spite of certain changes in the market, demands and sales have kept on moving at a high pace for over two years with no indications of halting.

Dallas real estate market figure for the year ending with the third Quarter of 2019 is certain. This is according to The Accuracy of the Trend Projection for Dallas is 82%.

In like manner, they estimated the likelihood of rising home costs in Dallas at 82% during this period. If this Dallas Housing Market Forecast is right, home costs in Dallas will be higher in the third quarter of 2019 than they were in the third quarter of 2018.

Dallas housing market for the next 3 years ending with the third quarter of 2021 is also positive. The Accuracy of the Trend Prediction for Dallas is 76%. It is estimated that the probability of rising home costs in Dallas is 76% within this period. If this is correct, home values will be higher in the third quarter of 2021 than they were in the third quarter of 2018.

2018 was extraordinary for the Dallas real estate market in terms of increment in the value and prices of homes. This pattern is required to continue in 2019. As indicated by Zillow, home estimations in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington Metro became 14.3% over the previous year. Besides, Zillow predicts that costs will yield another 11.2% the next year. In this manner, if you invest in property now, your investment will yield significant profit in the next year.

What’s more, recollect that the Dallas housing market is anticipated to have an increasing rental demand. This is going to drive up rental costs, hence making your investment more profitable.

As indicated by Mashvisor’s data and analysis, the median home cost in Dallas is $423,768. This cost is above the United States national value. However, it is reasonable as Dallas is one of the top real estate markets in the United States.

Comparing with the real estate market in Los Angeles ($932,371), Miami ($663,700), Boston ($855,693), and Austin ($518,686), the cost is relatively lower in Dallas.

How to Invest in Turnkey real estate in Dallas

Turn-key real estate investing in Dallas is a way to invest in real estate and minimize investment risk.

Turn-key real estate investing is when you buy a property that doesn’t require additional investments, already has a paying tenant, and likely has ongoing management. It means investing in an already-made property where you don’t need to incur extra expenses in renovations and management of the property.

Investing in Turnkey real estate in Dallas offers many benefits and reduces investment risk or losses.

When you invest in Turn-key real estate, you most likely have income already coming in on the property. A Turn-key property most likely already have a tenant. This means that when you purchase a property, your tenant pays a significant part or all of the mortgage for you.

For example, you purchase a property for $200,000 and your mortgage is $1200 per month. If you have a tenant already occupying the property and pay monthly rentals of $1,200 or $1,000, this means you don’t get to pay the mortgage with your money or you only pay a little amount of the mortgage.

Investing in Turn-key real estate in Dallas offers you more control over your investment. You can either choose to manage the property by yourself or hire a property management company to manage the property on your behalf.

Before you invest in Turn-key properties in Dallas, you need to first make adequate research. You need to know the Dallas home buying process.

We will show you steps to guide you through the purchasing process of buying a Turn-key property in Dallas.

Step 1: Determine your housing needs and budget

Before purchasing a property, you need to determine your needs and know the kind of property you want. Have a list of the size of property you want, the facilities and nature of the property.

Also, your budget is very important when investing in properties. Your budget will determine the size and nature of the property. If you want a bigger-sized house or a luxury home, you should expect a higher budget.

Step 2: Get pre-approved for a mortgage

Get pre-approved for a mortgage to find out what price or cost of a property you can afford. Meet with the right lender and provide necessary financial documents so they can estimate the mortgage amount that you can afford.

Step 3: Meet the right real estate agent

When planning on purchasing a turn-key property in Dallas, you must find the right real estate agent. The right real estate agent will help you through the process of finding a good property and guide you through the purchase process.

The right real estate agent will make your investment process as easy as possible. A good real estate agent will likely recommend a good mortgage lender to you and walk with you through your investment journey from the beginning to the end.

Step 4: Begin your property search

Searching for the right property to buy in Dallas requires a lot of research. You can search through reputable property listing online. Check different property listings in Dallas for your choice property with the features you want and within your budget. You can also sign up on these property websites to get alerts and notifications for available properties that fit into your desire and budget.

If you do not have the time or experience in searching for the right properties, you can make use of a reputable real estate agent. Your real estate agent will show you different properties that fit into what you want and your budget. To be on the safer side, it is best to use a reputable real estate agent when searching for a property to buy in Dallas.

Step 5: Inspect the property

After finding a property you want to purchase, you must go inspect the property. This is to make sure that the property is actually what it is in photos. It is also necessary to inspect properties so you don’t fall into the hands of scammers. You need to be sure that the property is real and in good condition.

Step 6: Make an offer to buy the property

After negotiating the price with the property seller, make the seller know that you are serious about purchasing the property by making an offer. You can deposit some amount of money upfront or into an escrow account. You should also have your mortgage pre-approval letter ready to show to the seller.

Step 7: Fill out Paperwork

Fill out all the paperwork that legally binds the purchase contract. You may need the services of a legal practitioner to sign the papers and to ensure that all paperwork is authentic and binding the contract. Your real estate agent can also help you handle all the paperwork.

Step 8: Finance your property

This is where you provide a financial plan on how you will pay for the property. Determine the amount you want to pay for your mortgage monthly. The mortgage lender may calculate the amount you need to pay every month or you can calculate your monthly mortgage payments based on the amount loaned, number of years and interest rate.

Step 9: Closing

After you have signed all the paperwork and financed the property, you have secured ownership of the property. You may need to hire a property management company to manage the property for you or manage the property by yourself.

1031 Exchange Real Estate Investment in Dallas

To prevent paying tax on capital gains on investment properties, you can purchase like-kind properties in Dallas using 1031 exchange.

1031 exchange is a tax exemption rule granted in the IRS tax code that states that individuals can defer pay capital gain taxes or other taxes associated with the sale of a property if the proceeds from the sale of the property is reinvested into the purchase of a like-kind property of equal or greater value within a limited time frame, usually within 180 days.

If you sell an investment property and use the profit you made from selling the property to purchase a like-kind property, you can defer paying capital gains tax on the profits made.

For example, if you purchase a rental home for $200k and after some years you sold the property for $500k, you have made a profit of $300k. Under the 1031 exchange rule, if you use the $300k profit to purchase a like-kind property within the time limit, you won’t have to pay capital gains tax on the profit.

1031 exchange has rules binding it which includes:

  • The property must be an investment property. You can’t purchase a property for private use
  • You must hold ownership of the property of at least a year
  • The properties sold and bought must be like-kind
  • You must buy another replacement property within the 180 days’ limit.
  • You must identify another replacement property to buy within 45 days after selling the original property.
  • Both the original property and the like-kind property must be sold and bought in the same name.
  • All the profits made from selling the original property must be used to purchase the replacement property.

Medical Real Estate Investment Dallas

Investing in medical real estate in Dallas has become an increasingly profitable investment.

Investing in medical real estate in Dallas is probably the most brilliant move you can make today as an investor.

In addition to the fact that healthcare is a service everybody needs, it’s likewise a part sponsored by statistic development. Consistently, 10,000 Americans turn 65.

In several years to come, aging Baby Boomers will need more specialty housing and medical facilities This implies that the healthcare sector must continue to grow no matter the situation of the economy.

Investing in a medical real estate creates a completely passive investment profit. The tenant of the property is completely in charge of the management and ownership costs of the property.

Long-term leases of the property are backed by a regional hospital’s financial strength which helps to reduce investment risk.

A report from JLL stated that medical office has consistently offered a 2% spread in cap rates over other risk-similar investments.

Where medical offices are offering median cap rates of 6.7%, other offices and the S&P 500 Dividend Yield are offering cap rates of 4.2% and 3.0% respectively. This means that investors make more profits investing in medical properties.

Investing in medical real estate in Dallas has become increasingly profitable and irresistible to investors. As an investor, investing in medical real estate in Dallas is a profitable investment.

To go into medical real estate investment in Dallas, look for a reputable real estate agent that specializes in the business of healthcare and healthcare real estate in Dallas.

The real estate agent will guide you through the process of searching for a good medical property to buy, financing and legal documentations.


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Benefits of Investing in an Apartment (2019 Update)

Investing in property is a great way to diversify your portfolio and increase your wealth. It can provide a stable addition to your income, and it is possible to enjoy tax breaks when you invest in real estate. With enough of the right types of real estate investments, it is possible to create a solid and impressive cash flow. Investors will find a wide range of different types of real estate investments in Dallas, TX that they can consider, including single-family homes and even commercial real estate. However, they might also want to consider investing in an apartment.

Many people today are not able to afford to buy a house currently, so they are renting apartments instead. Others prefer the apartment lifestyle. There is often a demand for apartments, and it should be possible to find tenants without too much trouble.

You have several options when it comes to investing in an apartment, and the one you choose is likely to depend on the budget you have available. You could buy a single apartment that you could rent out, or you could buy an entire apartment building.

Of course, before investing in apartments, you will want to know more about what types of benefits they can offer to investors. Fortunately, there are quite a few.

Return on the Investment

When you buy an apartment, or an apartment building, you will find that there is generally a good ROI, even in the beginning when you are paying off your loan. However, the real benefits come from owning the apartment or complex for longer, as it is possible and expected to raise rents to keep in line with the cost of other properties in the area. By increasing the amount that you are charging for your rentals, you are able to pay the loan down faster and make more of a profit sooner. If you sell the apartment, you are able to cash in the equity on a property that has been rising in value over the years.

It Is Easy to Operate

When you are dealing with an apartment rather than a home, it tends to be easier to operate, especially if you are renting out only one or two apartments. You may be able to handle the duties of being a landlord on your own. However, for those who have many units, or an entire building, and those who do not want to handle the menial affairs of running an apartment, there is always the option of hiring a professional property management company.

Tax Benefits

Just as with other types of investment property rentals, it is possible to write off your expenses for maintaining the apartment, which will vastly reduce your taxable income. It is also possible to take advantage of the 1031 exchange in Dallas, Texas for these types of properties. This means that if you use the proceeds from selling the apartment to buy a like property, you will be able to defer the capital gains tax. The property will depreciate over the years, as well, which can help to reduce your taxes even further.

Are There Drawbacks?

While there are certainly advantages to owning a real estate rental property, it is important to consider some of the perceived drawbacks, as well. For example, finding good tenants that are easy to manage can be problematic for some. However, this is true for any type of real estate investment property. By taking time to find good tenants, or having a property management company take care of it for you, it is possible to mitigate this risk.

If you want to invest in real estate in Dallas, keep the option of apartments on the table. They can prove to be a good investment with some great returns and minimal involvement from you.


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Different Ways to Maximize Investing Efforts While Working a Full-Time Job (2019 Update)

You may have reading about real estate investing and dreaming of rolling up your sleeves and getting started on all of those hot properties in the Plano or North Dallas areas. After all, you read that Dallas and surrounding areas like University Park, Southlake and Frisco are all considered some of the best investments for 2017.

Then, just as soon as visions of burgeoning wealth appear, the dream fades and your reality comes crowding in…the full-time job with its commute, the household responsibilities, and maybe even the pressures of family life. Just where, you ask yourself, will I get the time to do any of the work needed to be a success at real estate investing?

Fortunately, we have nine ways you can actually optimize even the smallest investment efforts and all while keeping your proverbial day job.

Use the commute

Most of us drive for a short or even very long period of time as we make our way to work. If you are a commuter on a bus or train, that time can still count towards your shift from full-time worker to liberated real estate investor. How? Simple – use that time to begin learning by listening. Sign up for podcasts, buy books on tape and start using every moment of typical “down time” or frustrating commuting into a beneficial and empowering experience.

Use technology

With the many different technologies that you can access from a phone or mobile device, there is no reason that you cannot easily conduct business during breaks, or throughout the day. Whether it is through the use of VoIP services, mass emailing services, real estate apps, and website technologies, you can put technology to use and still keep up to pace with the 9-5.


If you already have the wheels turning on your business, it can be amazingly empowering to have a VA or virtual assistant. Often costing substantially less than a traditional assistant, a VA can do everything from real-time phone calls, project management, screening sellers or buyers and more. You can even customize training for them and assign them a diversity of very specialized tasks from website management to social media work.


Modern tech makes it easier than ever to get marketing and advertising up and running in a matter of moments. However, real estate investors often have the need for physical advertising, such as direct mailings. You don’t have the time to stuff hundreds of envelopes, but online resources can do it for you. They can create postcards, mailers and more, and even arrange for physical delivery of marketing materials to targeted recipients.

Skip breaks and lunches

If you really want to commit to success, forgo your daily lunch and coffee breaks and use them as time in the “field”. Book anything from showings or visits with sellers to other professional appointments. Few will require more than twenty to thirty minutes, and then you can be back at the grindstone!


Outsourcing small tasks to freelance professionals is a major time-saver and allows you to get tasks done at a very affordable cost. For example, a bookkeeper can do everything you need in order to keep things on target, and all you have to do is request a report in order to see expenses, income, taxes and more.


In line with professionals, you will also want to consider a relationship with property management experts. Whether you are electing to invest in commercial or residential real estate in North Dallas or Plano, you can often find a way to afford the services of a property manager. They can even make your work “hands-free”, allowing you to pursue additional investments.


If you can, you may want to consider partnering with other real estate investors. They can even compensate for the experience you may not have (and vice versa). The two of you can divide the work, grow your investments and shorten the time until you go from full-time worker to full-time investor.


Lastly, contractors and repair experts are a must-have relationship. If you want to maximize your investments, begin them with a team of experts already lined up.

Time, money and energy are not limitless, but you need them to be a success. These tips can help you make the very most of your investing efforts.

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Real Estate Tips for Increasing the Sale Price of a Property (2019 Update)

Are you a real estate investor looking for a way to amp up the sale price of a property you have rehabbed? Maybe you have even been living in a property but are now ready to sell and enjoy the profits? Whether it is in North Dallas, Plano, Southlake, Keller or anywhere else in the area, there are some “tried and true” methods for easily boosting the sale price of a property.


This is an obvious tip, but one that many sellers skip. Staging is not an expensive or difficult tactic, and it begins with removing the non-essentials and de-cluttering. It is a solid way to depersonalize any space, and this is a great way of pricing a home at the best possible level. Why? It prevents potential buyers from seeing issues that don’t exist. They don’t like a wall color, the space feels small or dark, the house feels a bit grimy…these are all issues addressed with proper staging. Blinds are raised, lights turned on and windows opened for fresh air are just a few steps a good stager takes.

Think of this as a neutralizer that lets the potential buyers instantly visualize themselves in the various rooms and spaces, it is liberating and can boost their willingness to pay your asking price.

Curb It

Many new real estate investors looking to sell one of their first properties overlook the importance of the exterior spaces. While you may not have the budget to do a full landscaping job or new paint job, you can enhance curb appeal by creating the most favorable impression possible. Trim those bushes and shrubs, get the yard tidy and trimmed, add some potted plants and a door mat…such small details pay off. A special area of interest should be the walk from the driveway to the main entrance.

Give Attention to the Bathrooms and Kitchen

If you are going to sink any funds into a property, the kitchen and bathrooms are the places to do it. Most experts say that renovations to these spaces will instantly boost your sale price by at least 7% or more. That is even with just some minor cosmetic work and not major renovations. Go with neutral hues to appeal to the widest range of buyers, update light fixtures and recondition or replace cabinetry for the most cost effective changes. If you have more in the budget for new fixtures such as sinks, toilets and cabinets, you’ll get good returns.

Clean and Detail

Another way to enhance the perceived value of your property is to have it thoroughly and professionally cleaned. Be sure you choose a firm that has great attention to detail. A home or property perceived as dirty or grubby is unlikely to sell at your price, or at all. Not only does a professionally cleaned property have a great look and scent, but it will often boost your sale price by anywhere from three to five percent. Just by cleaning windows, shutting toilet lids, scrubbing tile and countertops and all of those other tasks, you can easily increase the sale price.

Consider Small Maintenance

Just like dentistry, if you ignore little issues, they get worse and end up costing you. As you are prepping any property for a quick and profitable sale, keep in mind that the small maintenance issues should be addressed too. For example, a potential buyer is always going to look for things like roof leaks or old stains on ceilings, gutters that need to be replaced or those front steps out of alignment. Just remediate them long before you begin showing and they become small expenses that don’t end up costing you the best sale.

There are so many things you might think necessary for getting the highest price possible, but these simple tips should help you enjoy the greatest prices on your real estate investments in the North Dallas area.

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Eight Tips for Launching Your Real Estate Investing Career (2019 Update)

Investing is a good way to build wealth and create a more financially promising future. Naturally, not all forms of investing are alike. There are stocks, bonds, hard assets like gold or silver, trusts, and real estate, among others. In this article, we are going to look at real estate investing and eight good tips for successfully getting started in this lucrative area.

Whether you have already spent a lot of time reading about and learning the key data, or you are just beginning to understand the many benefits of real estate investing, you need to start with one major tip:

  1. No time like the present – If you read headlines about real estate investing you realize that it is an area with the same fluctuations and changes as any other investment or asset class. This means that there is no ideal or right time to begin investing. Rather, it is a matter of understanding which kinds of real estate investments are appropriate in the moment. For example, in early 2017, investors heard from Warren Buffett that real estate investments of any kind were suggested, and other investing experts pointed towards commercial properties, including medical.
  2. Have goals – Your budget and your goals may not yet be in perfect alignment, but getting involved in real estate investing without solid short and long term goals is hazardous. In fact, this tip has to spill over into our next because without your first short term goals, you don’t reach the long term goals. And one of your main long term goals should be to invest “bigger” than you have already done. To do that means building the portfolio and having on paper and in capital what you need for a large investment.
  3. Plan for a big investment – Small steps are usually needed to take bigger ones, and the sooner you begin investing and setting goals, the sooner you get to do a big investment in a more lucrative asset class.
  4. Do some research – Not all real estate is a good investment vehicle. Start looking into the markets in the areas with the most promise. For instance, use search engines to find top cities or regions for investing in housing or commercial properties.
  5. Hold steady – This takes discipline and some nerve, but it is far too easy to bail out of a good investment because of unusual circumstances or troubling times. For example, a major REIT recently dealt with a massive sell off because a single area of its holdings showed signs of trouble. Rather than selling, investors should have held firm.
  6. Accept risk – There are no investments that are without risk, and this is true of real estate investments. You need to be willing to accept some risk, but if you are doing your research, holding steady, sticking to goals and choosing the most lucrative markets and regions, your risk should be kept to minimal levels.
  7. Diversify – As soon as you are able, make plans to diversify holdings. While you might enjoy heaps of success as an investor in apartment buildings or retail and combination use buildings, keep in mind that the old “eggs in one basket” system is not always the wisest. Be sure your portfolio has a good balance of single family, medical, commercial and other real estate.
  8. Seek help – All of these things are quite challenging to do on your own, though many before you have done so. However, why struggle and delay your success as a real estate investor when there are turnkey options available. There are real estate investment clubs that steer investors towards those “perfect fit” assets, and which can provide almost immediate success.

Hopefully, these eight simple tips can help you get started on a successful career in real estate investing today. Now is the moment to look to real estate as a strong asset class, and today’s the ideal day to begin.

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Things you need to know about rent-to-own houses (2019 Update)

In this hard up economy, it can be very difficult to purchase your own house. Even if you’re not required to pay the full price, large down payments can still be a big issue for many ordinary and employed individuals. It’s a good thing, though, that there are sellers who are willing to rent out their properties and give their tenants the option to own the same at more convenient terms. This makes investing in rental property more possible for common individuals.
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Kitchen Renovation to Get Good Profit from Selling Houses (2019 Update)

Kitchen remodeling is one of the best ideas for investing which can add a greater value to your house and can give you back more than 80% returns on your investments property. For today’s modern buyers of houses, kitchen holds the focus as they consider it as one of the most important places of the house. In our day to day living, kitchen is one of the areas which is frequently used and, as such, they are among the first to catch the attention of buyers.
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