Foreclosure investment is known for the investment of capital in mortgaged properties when they are made public for the sale purpose. Nonpayment of a mortgage and home-equity loans are the two most common reasons that entitle a home for foreclosure. There may be other reasons too that compel a property owner sell his/her personal properties.

When it comes to buying foreclosure homes or properties, emerges as the best consultant and advisor for solving all property purchasing problems in an amicable manner. We help property investors put their hard earned money in the properties that bring better and improved ROI in long term. The property that you purchase with our advice brings immediate monetary benefits to you when you set it on rent. Being a professional and experienced property agent in Dallas, knows how foreclosure investing in Dallas is made successful. We know everything about all the three phases of foreclosure: Pre-foreclosure, auction and real estate owned (REO). We are specialist in buying properties at auction before they are owned by banks or money lenders. We know how a property is effectively purchased before it reaches the third phase of foreclosure. We are also capable of purchasing properties at an affordable price tag after it is owned by banks and money lenders.

We understand the specific needs of our new as well as existing customers when they come to us, ask us to make things easy for them and find the best properties in no time in Dallas. With our services, we make our clients feel happy and satisfied with the final outcome. Some of the attractions of our services are:

  • Availability of property at the cheap price tags,
  • Buying valuable properties for pennies,
  • Obstacle-free property solutions at a short notice,
  • Knowledge and expertise in all sorts of properties in Dallas,
  • Ability to analyze present market lease trends and demographics,
  • Anticipating opportunities in real estate market of Dallas,
  • Assisting clients’ in having the best real estate deals,
  • Offering clients all information they want 24/7,
  • Investment in the property that brings maximum ROI,
  • A team of highly professional and well-known agents,
  • Hassle-free possession of purchased property, and
  • Investment in less risky residential, commercial or industrial properties.

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With over 700,000 active listings, Realtyspace has the largest inventory of apartments in the United States.

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Our agents are licensed professionals that specialise in searching, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of property on behalf of the buyer. They will sell you real estate. Insights, tips & how-to guides on selling property and preparing your home or investment property for sale and working to maximise your sale price.
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Jessie Imamoto

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Kamran Baluch

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Michael Bell

Amir’s brokerage was great to work with. I had been burned by a brokerage in the past who was not fast at communicating, so I was trying to do a transaction myself. Luckily I found these guys and they saved me a LOT of headaches, plus my cash on cash…

Ana Oliver

Kamran is not just a broker, he is an investor, negotiator, fix and flipper, short saler, owner financer, and developer. It’s almost like overkill when asking for advice! When our home wasn’t selling with another brokerage we turned to Investment Club Realty. He put in a corporate tenant within a…

Caroline Reynolds

Kamran does a great job explaining the big picture of real estate, what an eye opener! He can really talk about real estate for hours, and I appreciated their tips in the ebook. I can’t wait to buy mine…

Joseph Ryan

“I loved the friendliness, attention to detail, expertise and patience that they had. They explained everything so well and made it easy to understand!”…

Vanessa Kasinsky

“I had fun doing business with, and they definitely knew how to get the job done!”…

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