Some nice words from our clients.
Michael Bell

Amir’s brokerage was great to work with. I had been burned by a brokerage in the past who was not fast at communicating, so I was trying to do a transaction myself. Luckily I found these guys and they saved me a LOT of headaches, plus my cash on cash return jumped from 7% to 18%! My go to guys from now on!

Ana Oliver

Kamran is not just a broker, he is an investor, negotiator, fix and flipper, short saler, owner financer, and developer. It’s almost like overkill when asking for advice! When our home wasn’t selling with another brokerage we turned to Investment Club Realty. He put in a corporate tenant within a month, wrapped the mortgage note, and then sold the note to an investment bank for way more than what I thought my home was worth! It was like magic, I just had to sit back and watch!

Caroline Reynolds

Kamran does a great job explaining the big picture of real estate, what an eye opener! He can really talk about real estate for hours, and I appreciated their tips in the ebook. I can’t wait to buy mine

Joseph Ryan

“I loved the friendliness, attention to detail, expertise and patience that they had. They explained everything so well and made it easy to understand!”

Vanessa Kasinsky

“I had fun doing business with, and they definitely knew how to get the job done!”