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The First Steps for Successful Foreclosure Real Estate Investing in Dallas (2019 Update)

Savvy investors have always turned to real estate as a means to both diversify and stabilize their portfolios. In today’s recovering economy, this is truer than ever before. However, real estate is not just a portfolio stabilizer; it can be an incredibly lucrative investment that can give almost immediate positive ROIs (returns on investments). Foreclosure real estate investing in Dallas is a booming market that is proving very successful for a large number of investors.

Whether you are interested in a commercial investment property in Dallas or you look strictly at residential properties, you can build a successful business in this type of investment. With the right tools and knowledge, investors have a great many opportunities with foreclosure real estate investing in Dallas.

Know Your Investment Goals

Before you begin investing, though, you’ll need to have a firm grasp on your goals and intentions. You should know, before you even begin searching for properties, whether you intend to rehab and flip them or whether you intend to hold and rent them. These are both valid options for foreclosure real estate investing in Dallas, but each will require its own resources.

If you intend to find very low prices on properties and wholesale them with no renovations to investors who will then rehab and flip them, you will not need a crew of contractors. If you intend to flip or rent properties, you will need to have professionals on your team to bring your properties up to code and make them attractive to buyers or renters.

You should also know your investment options. Owning and holding property does not necessitate being a landlord. You might hire a property management company to do this for you, or you might choose to invest through a real estate investment trust or a real estate crowdfunding site. These are both very hands-off approaches to purchasing commercial investment property in Dallas that can still be very lucrative.

Know the Neighborhood

Whatever your goals or chosen method for real estate investment may be, it always pays to know the area where you’ll be purchasing property. If you are investing locally in Dallas, this is not difficult.

Take a drive through the neighborhoods and districts where you’re considering investing. Are there convenient amenities, school(s), parks and recreation, and/or other attractive features nearby? How many vacant houses and/or businesses do you notice?

Talk with your realtor about the market in the area. How long do houses generally stay on the market before they sell? Are they selling below market values? What do property value trends look like in the area?

Decide what type of investment works most for you, and then familiarize yourself with the area where you should be investing. You will be on your way to a successful investment and future profits.