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The Holiday Debate: How Much Time Should Investors Take Off This Season? (2019 Update)

The holiday season arrives in what seems like a long and slow build-up to just a few days of furious celebrating. It is, however, a period of time that lasts longer and has much more to it than real estate investors realize. Beginning almost immediately after Halloween, those holiday decorations, sales, advertisements and products begin to appear. This can often send most people into a slow-down mode or a distracted phase as they begin to focus more on the upcoming season.

After all, why not? There is Thanksgiving to plan for as well as the weeks in which Christmas, Kwanzaa, Chanukah and other annual festivities occur. This is the time to meet with friends, do lots of shopping and dining out, and taking stock of the year just coming to a close. It is a wonderful time to enjoy the benefits of some downtime with the family and with your friends. And it occurs in almost any industry.

If you doubt this to be true, you need only consider the patterns of behavior you see in many companies and businesses. They start to slow down operations in many areas. Their investments in marketing, branding and even employee overtime decrease or disappear altogether. Company leadership may go on holiday for weeks on end and it can seem like many segments of business and industry have just hit the proverbial “pause” button while the holidays arrive, occur and transition into the New Year.

Even as we enter this new year you may see a lot less competition and activity, and this means that the answer to the holiday debate, (“how much time should investors take off this season?”) is actually simple.

What is the answer? It is: As little as possible.

Not a Grinch Move

Though it sounds like a pretty “grinchy” attitude to take about the holiday season, it is not a permanent step in your investment strategy. As a real estate investor, you have a lot more control over your schedule than many other workers in the modern world. You can enjoy the option of working while the rest of the world sleeps and take meetings or do business in small bursts throughout the day. While this may not be the greatest or most consistent approach, it is one way to keep up the pace during the holidays.

There are, in fact, some returns for just hitting the “stop” button altogether. While you won’t see any losses if you take a day or two off of the computer, not checking messages or emails, a savvy real estate investor in thriving markets, like those in North Dallas and its surrounding neighborhoods, should dial back on time out of the office.

Why? The advantages of working while your competition is sleeping off its turkey dinners, days on the slopes or hours of sale shopping are quite substantial. Your business, real estate investment, operates on taking opportunities before the competition and on making the most of the smallest advantage, fact or bit of information about a property.

If you are looking to make the best offers, find the best deals, get a lot of attention, leads and even visibility on your properties, the holiday season is a peak time for doing so. Whether it is a home you want to grab at a good price in Plano, a sale you hope to make in University Park or some lead generation throughout the North Dallas area, the holidays are the right moment to strike. Eager sellers, fewer buyers, simpler negotiations…these are but a few things to enjoy during a holiday season dedicated to growing your real estate investments.

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